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They Call Him What?

One of the perks to being on the executive team is that we get access to all sorts of secrets and inside information regarding the ship, the students, etc….actually, I’m lying. The real perks are things like breakfast with the Captain (pictured in white captain looking uniform). Captain Jeremy is from England and is hilarious in an English kind of way, meaning the humor is dry and you get the joke like 20 minutes after you brush your teeth and get in the bed.

His official title is Master Jeremy. Now, for reasons I won’t even get into, there is no way in the world I’m calling him that. Fortunately Captain seems to work just fine, and he’s so busy running this small floating city that I haven’t seen him much. The vessel that Semester at Sea used prior to this one was the SS Universe, so his official title in England was “Jeremy K, Master of the Universe”, I DO think that is cool. Master of the Explorer doesn’t quite measure up, but the ship is beautiful inside and out.

100…99…98 Things left to do

Le Passport! It arrived!

Le Vaccinations! They hurt like hell!

Le Time! It is flying!

I am trying to wrap up and pass along dozens of projects at work. It is bittersweet. I am at once both sad to be relinquishing the reigns of my duties and at the same time my soul continues to lighten in direct proportion to the load. It will be interesting to see how I define myself without a full-time job. As a single, child-free, semi-workaholic, I can admit that alot of how I see myself is tied to my work. I suppose I will have to either a) find a new way of looking at myself in the world or b) find another job. Uhm, er, let’s go with option A. At least for a little while.

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