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Pre-Trip Planning: Carnival…Here I Come!


My passport arrived with the Brazilian, Chinese and Indian visa pages/stamps. And in typical girl fashion my first thought was: “ooh, look at the pretty colors!” But the Brazilian stamp has my first name as Brian (not my first name), so we shall see what hilarity ensues as I try to get my Carnival on! Anybody want to contribute to my “ the Br.azi.lian po.lice” fund?

I signed up for 3 nights of Carnival parade in Salvador. A bunch of people are going to fly from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro, but it was over $1200US and that wasn’t all expenses included! I had to drop close to $600US to sign up to march with three of the troops (a different group each night), but I think it will be once in a lifetime opportunity, and I can always go sit myself down somewhere if things get out of hand. I don’t do well in large crowds so we shall see how this goes, Carnival in Salvador is billed as the largest street party on earth, so you can see why I’m all over that yet a little wary. I figure if I can lean out of a small boat and pet a 16 meter whale, I can ease on down the road with a feather boa and a mardis gras mask on. Plus I was inspired by Adrienne’s pics from her trip to Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival (where she met up with Karen of!

So, travel blogging has resumed…more Pre-Trip Planning & gear pics to follow. I’m sure those of you who have been tolerating my general blogging in hopes that I’d get back to the foolishness I seem to get into on the road are breathing a sigh of relief. Thanks for sticking around. Having yall with me is half the fun.

T-minus: 24 days and counting to


Feliz Navidad:Happy Holly Daze/Holy Days


First, I hope you all have had festive, merry, restful and wonderful holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you did just that…celebrate. To the friends and family I haven’t been able to catch up with over the break….please know that I lurve you like play cousins. (Momma D, S, S, S & S, and B, I mean yall).

Second, I got my first ever meme tag. I’m supposed to divulge 6 (sicks) weird things about myself so that you can glean further insight as to my person and personality and have further reason to judge me without giving me a chance.

Oooh, But first:

I have been in my pajamas for 4 straight days, playing War of the Monsters on PS2 with my nephew. In between: Grad School applications, work, naps, work, calculating days until I hit the road, work. I’m stressed as Hell right now, but happy to be with my family. It is the first year in a loooong time that I’ve been here to celebrate all 7 days of Kwanzaa (or as I like to call it: Fun with Candles and Swahili!).

Speaking of my nephew, he’s 9 going on 50. He wears, get this…a plaid robe, old man slippers, glasses, and uses the phrase “oh but on the contrary”…and I caught him watching Judge Matthis on Friday! I will not be surprised when he walks around the corner with a pipe one day. Really, I won’t.

6 Weird Things:

1. I performed in a rap group for a talent show my freshman year of college. Yes, I know how that sounds, but it was hellla fun.

2. I really, really enjoy washing dishes. It relaxes me and I can zone out and think while doing it. I’ll generally eschew using a dishwasher and do them by hand. I also like to cook, which makes me a great catch for some deserving lovehound out there. BUT, I can’t stand to dry or empty the diswasher.

3. My favoritest snack in all the world is microwave popcorn and diet Pepsi. Yum!

4. I have known since I was about 10 years old that I didn’t actually want to HAVE kids.

5. About once a month I pull a work related all-nighter because it is quiet and I can get a lot done. This freaks people out then they get used to it.

6. I am allergic to raw apples. I think its the pesticides, but my throat gets white spots and itches like hell. Cooked apples…apple sauce, apple strudel, etc…bring it on.

And I do in fact like bacon more than you think! See you in the 007.

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Countdown to Semester at Sea: 29 days

Endings, Beginnings, Starts & Finishes, pt. i


Okay, the last version of this entry was throwing off my layout.
Kudos and “Well Done!” to Karen ( and Megan ( Two of the blogs that have added sunshine to my 2006. I am sad to see their blogs retire, but I know they are both working on other projects, so we’ll not be long without their talents. Karen’s photoblog is still as brilliant as ever, and Megan is doing a reading in NY, Jan 7, 2007. Check out their archives, you will wish you’d found them sooner.

I enjoyed the comments on the previous posting so I dragged them forward into one comment for this post.