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Pop Rocks…(A shout out pt. ii)


In honor of Father’s Day, the Top 5 Reasons my Pop Rocks!

[5] He’s the original “Funchilde.” He created Funchilde, Inc. back in the early 70’s with a bunch of friends so that they could throw parties and play music and make a little money while they were having a good time. I count this as the source of my passion for music as well as the ignition for my entreprenuerial flame. The first concert I ever went to was with him. He took me and my sister and brother to see the SOS Band in Germany and I couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. My Dad has more music, in more formats than anyone I know. From Reel-to-Reel to his iPod, that dude can hook you up with everything from Hall and Oates to Destiny’s Child.

[5a] My parents have always been social people. I definitely get my sense of humor, outgoing personality and positive outlook from my Dad. He (and Mom) took us EVERYWHERE with them. To this day, their love of travel is a part of me. He’s been from Saudi Arabia to Greece and knows no stranger. They taught us how to work hard and play hard, how to party hard without getting out of control, and to know when to cut our losses with friends/foes and lovers. Dad encouraged us to try new foods and experience new places and people and to treat everyone equal. That as long as we were given respect we should show it. That warmth of spirit is why he’s like a black Dr. Phil. People tell that dude EVERYTHING!

[4] He’s the black Emeril Lagasse. All of us can cook. You already know that cooking classes are one of my passions. My Mom, sister and brother can all cook the staples like nobody’s business. From fried chicken to potato salad, those three can burn. My nephew makes a mean 5 cheese and macaroni, and has won an award for his “Eclair Cake.” Dad is the risk taker in the kitchen. We all love watching the cooking channel and we forgive him his Rachel Ray crush (WTF?) because he does most of the cooking. From crab stuffed flounder to his clove spiced holiday ham, that dude can put his foot in it! AND he’s our favorite bartender! I love coming home to visit and the nights we sit up drinking his apple martinis or long island iced teas, debating some issue and calling each other names while he plays DJ, fries up some fish and mixes up another batch. That dude deserves a beer.

[3] His stock portfolio is beating mine. He can pick ’em yall. I feel a little bad because he is a “tech nerd” like my brother. My mom is an envi-sci geek (cum laude, no less) and I’m the business guru. But he has picked some winners that are making my stock portfolio look like a crackhead’s checkbook. His strategy: he buys stock in the products he likes/uses. That dude uses his noggin.

[2] I still think he’s a Superhero. When I was little I thought my Dad was the biggest, strongest guy in the world. When the movie Jaws came out, I was probably 6 years old or so and they took me to see it. Afterwards my mom asked me how big the shark in the movie was. I looked around for something to illustrate the ginormity of the shark and said wild-eyed and using my hands to make my point: “it was as big as Dad’s LEG!” I guess its all about perspective. That dude is a man’s man.

[2a] My Dad is the kind of guy that will get down to a kid’s level and PLAY. I still love the fact that my Dad bought me hot wheels cars and racetracks, cap guns and a 3 foot long Wonder Woman puzzle. He didn’t let my gender dictate my fun. I ran, played t-ball, soccer and climbed trees, and built a CO2 car. My Dad is still pretty intimidating at 6’4 and I still think he can fix anything from my car to my computer. That dude is my #1 go-to guy.

[1] He loves my Mom. Yall know how I feel about HER. So, it follows that anybody that keeps that chic happy is alright with me. They are a testament that good times and bad times can be weathered together. Their marriage isn’t perfect, but it is perfect for them. They make me believe that love is possible. Not that Hollywood stuff, but the nuts and bolts, “don’t make me kill you”, “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, “these kids take after YOUR side of the family” kind of way. That dude is part of the glue that keeps us together.

Here’s to you Dad!

San Miguel de Allende Mexico: Dilemma pt. ii

What to do, what to do? Should I skip out on my last week of spanish class, my awesome room at Casa del Tio, sacrifice the security of the internet/technology access I have/need for work? What say you internet?

E-mail #1

i am now in Oaxaca suffering from heavy stomack
akes. Getting better as we speak. Oaxaca is a brilliant place, pictoresk and tranquille…you should definetly come here one time… take care for now..

El Magnus 

E-mail #2

Hola Chica
como estas? todo bien? y donde estas? todavia en d.f.??
yesterday i meet jorge here in puebla. chiiiido!!! tomorrow we go together to oaxaca. we miss you and we want that you come to oaxaca too… comon chica!!! what you say??


E-mail #3

dia i am now in oaxaca. andrea is here also.this is another amazing place! were staying at a place called casa de arnele. very nice with a great terrace view,much like (but not quite as beautiful)as guanajuatos. dia i really think you should head this way,its got vibe. apparently oaxaca is known for cuisine, international art as well as international music! in fact my first stroll around the place;what did i see? a friggen reggae band (from the island no doubt!) JAMMIN right in front of a cathedral! old people ,young, all jammin to da jam man!it was great. im thinking a week here for me,then im headin for the beach. gotta jam, please tell mirna i said hi!


For Lu


Lu, peep it and weep baby! Per your request:
My custom-made, waterproof, padded, velcro-closing Nikon Coolpix case.



A Shout out

Actually, if you don’t count Bush, Mandrell or Streisand (whose parent’s were startlingly phonetic with the spelling), I only know four “Barbara’s”. One Barbara is a mentor, another a colleague and the last two are me and the woman I was named after. I usually just call her “Mom” but, whatever. My parents will never be renowned for their creativity (I’ll give you one guess who my brother is named after), but they have a bevy of other traits that make up for it. My mother is the typical familial matriarch. None of us were ever under the impression that we were living in a democracy. “Her way or the highway” wasn’t a playful turn of phrase, it was the eleventh commandment. Continue reading A Shout out

gifts and such

[1] i gave my nephew a “Learn to play the Harmonica” kit for Valentine’s day. That boy has been driving me crazy from sun up to sun down with that thing. Note to self: next time you give a kid a musical instrument, do it on your way OUT THE DOOR.

[2] i ended up at Wal-mart with a (very) platonic friend. The first two things this fool picks up (sans cart people) are condoms (with the warming lubricant he pointed out excitedly) and baby oil. He insisted that they were not to be used together, i however asked the employee hanging around the toiletry aisle if she could point him to the rubber sheets…freak. Continue reading gifts and such

Highs and Low(e)s

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you are amazingly productive and get more stuff done than you did all week only to realize that none of the things that you accomplished were on your “to do” list? Yeah, me too.

1. This weekend started off pretty chill. Friday night I hung out with some friends and everyone was in one of those moods where you are happy to be around people but are into different activities. We were at K’s house and she was framing pictures, her roommate D was laying in the floor putting off working on her dissertation and I was researching stuff for my trip on the computer. We would occassionally say something to the other two basically to confirm that everyone was still awake and still cool with our low key arrangement. I went home and slept like a baby. Little did I know how much I should have savored that night’s rest.

Continue reading Highs and Low(e)s