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Baja Mexico: Playa Escondido

Here’s a pic of my home for the last 5 and next 3 days [moving from Playa Escondido down to Cabo Pulmo]. It gives new meaning to the term “home/office” no? It’s big enough for a couple more people if anyone has the urge to measure time in seashells and sunsets for awhile…


Days unemployed: 22
Days in suit since semi unemployed: 2
Days in flip flops since unemployed: 10
Number of days on the road: 12
Number of showers since on the road: 4
Number of nights in hotel rooms: 1
Number of fish tacos consumed: 4
Number of beers consumed: 3
Number of times done laundry: 1
Number of Whales petted: 1 too many
Number of times attacked by hummingbird: 1
Number of hermit crabs spotted: 2
Number of dolphins spotted: 2
Longest Hike: 6 miles
Craziest meal: Goat meat tortillas [they were good!]
Best pieces of gear so far: travel pillow, life vest, headlamp
Worst pieces of gear so far: xtra camera, xtra sunglasses, too many travel guides, snorkel [used once]   
Number of times mangled spanish phrases so badly that native speakers revert to English: 3,345

So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done while traveling? Keep it clean people! And I’ll see you in a few days.

Baja Mexico: San Ignacio


This is in my top 10 favorite photos so far. This church/mission in San Ignacio is really the highlight of the tiny town. The majority of the population in Mexico is Roman Catholic and we got to see some of this church which is one of the oldest in the country having been established in 1728 and still functioning as a church today. We got to watch the bell ringer do the call to evening mass with massive ropes and some elbow grease to ring the huge bell in the tower.

The town is only a few hundred people but they are also known for the figs they grow, the lagoon with the perfect swimming hole rope [i declined] and the smallest bar I’ve ever patronized. With a very friendly welcome crew. We had shrimp pasta pesto for dinner and an astronomy lesson, which were only made better by the homemade margaritas and breeze.

Baja Mexico: Ojo de Liebre

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, those are people trying to pet a 14 meter male Ballena Gris [Grey Whale] or as I prefered to call them “Big A$$ Whales!” with a bit of a scream on the end of that. we arrived at Ojo at about 9 am and had an amazing breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries in order to get out on the water as soon as possible [$38 US for 1.5 hours]. I’ll admit that if I had know that the whales would get this close I probably would’ve stayed on dry land. But I’m glad I didn’t. They actually got alot closer, we touched them and we got “snotted” on several times when they would blow the water out of their blow holes onto us, which after the 3rd time we realized wasn’t “accidental.” They are massive and they would bump the boat playfully and come up to be petted, turning on their sides so they could surface with one huge eye staring right at us. it was a surreal experience of being watched by an animal that we couldn’t communicate with but that seemed to enjoy our company as well as understand we were animals too. Continue reading Baja Mexico: Ojo de Liebre

Baja Mexico: News from the Road


Hola de Mexico! I am alive and well and suffering no ill affects other than the dent in my wallet from the pacificos with lime we seem to consume daily.

This is my favorite picture that i’ve taken so far, it is the sunrise from Playa Escondida. We spent 5 days literally beach camping in a secluded, beautiful spot about 300 feet from the tide line. The days were hot but breezy, the nights cool and star filled. I can now identify 4 constellations, make mushroom stroganoff for 35 and teach the masses an Aussie drinking song designed ensure that everyone involved ends up under the table, even if you don’t have a table. If I keep developing these kinds of skills, I should have no problem getting a job when I get back, right? right? Continue reading Baja Mexico: News from the Road