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Baja Mexico: Playa Escondido

Here’s a pic of my home for the last 5 and next 3 days [moving from Playa Escondido down to Cabo Pulmo]. It gives new meaning to the term “home/office” no? It’s big enough for a couple more people if anyone has the urge to measure time in seashells and sunsets for awhile…


Days unemployed: 22
Days in suit since semi unemployed: 2
Days in flip flops since unemployed: 10
Number of days on the road: 12
Number of showers since on the road: 4
Number of nights in hotel rooms: 1
Number of fish tacos consumed: 4
Number of beers consumed: 3
Number of times done laundry: 1
Number of Whales petted: 1 too many
Number of times attacked by hummingbird: 1
Number of hermit crabs spotted: 2
Number of dolphins spotted: 2
Longest Hike: 6 miles
Craziest meal: Goat meat tortillas [they were good!]
Best pieces of gear so far: travel pillow, life vest, headlamp
Worst pieces of gear so far: xtra camera, xtra sunglasses, too many travel guides, snorkel [used once]   
Number of times mangled spanish phrases so badly that native speakers revert to English: 3,345

So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done while traveling? Keep it clean people! And I’ll see you in a few days.