You really don’t want to get me started, so here’s the nitty gritty: Black.Female.Nomad.Single.Child-free.Hip-Hopper.Charmer.Nerd.Fabulous.Life is good.

I can help you: laugh with abandon, drink a bottle of wine, finish that last bite, listen to good music, change your tire, dream big dreams, stick to a budget, dance at work, pray for someone, get down with your bad self, debate the meaning of life, wonder if its really love, nap without guilt, choose paper over plastic.

I cannot help you: change your oil, watch a movie longer than 2 hours, give up on big dreams, shop ‘til you drop, stick to a diet, navigate with a map, pay attention to details, read Angela’s Ashes, stay up late, tell the difference between coke and pepsi

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