Signs of Friendship

A five hour dinner followed by a 2 hour breakfast the next day. Random You-tube clips of the Chapelle Show and a 3 way conversation on race, religion and relationships. Pinot Noir and a toast to new loves, prolific careers, “dufflebag dogs”, and how if we put all of our travels together, we would have covered most of 6 continents, and how none of us could ever live in Atlanta.

4 thoughts on “Signs of Friendship”

  1. I’m in ATL now. I didn’t think I could live here before I ever really explored the place and I still don’t think I’d ever really want to…I could. I just wouldn’t care to…

  2. Atlanta’s not so bad, the people may not be the best thing about this place but it kind of grows on you.

    Lady, I’ve been trying to catch up with you, just to make sure all is well and to give you a funny about your girl Ella K. Suffice to say she misses you…

  3. Hola – missing you lately. We are crazy busy (in a good, just started our business sort of way…..) and a night with friends sounds devine! How are those ice skates working out?

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