The Oyster Incident of 2008


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If this wasn’t so funny, I’d probably be more embarassed. Because I like to cook, and I like to take cooking classes, I have a repuation as a good cook. Which, of course, I am. However, every now and then, something goes horribly awry.

A couple of weeks ago I cooked dinner for SpinChick, a colleague, friend and in the top 10 Most Hilarious People I Know, as evidenced by the fake tattoo incident at the gym, back in December. On the night in question, I whipped up my Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Chicken, Garlic Green Beans, and I attempted to add a little Southern “flair” with some deep fried oysters. Unfortunately, the oil got a little out of hand, some oysters ended up a bit “crispy” and the words “should you use water on a grease fire?” were uttered, with a little bit of a scream at the end of the question. We kept our “cool” and used flour to smother the flames (not pictured). We prided ourselves on our courage in the face of grave danger (read overwhelming smoke fumes) and rewarded ourselves with a couple of “beverages” to calm our nerves.

Fortunately no people were harmed in this exhibit of riduclarity, I cannot however, say the same for certain edible bivalve mollusks. I’m certain that the Raspberry Vodka Tonics had nothing to do with it. Spinchick DID say “the two oysters that survived were very tasty! I can see where you were going with it!”

Who says people aren’t generous and kind anymore?


8 thoughts on “The Oyster Incident of 2008”

  1. Dia,
    Looks like a stove in a rental unit on skid row. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It seems the night was not a complete disaster….you always look for the bright side. The menu sounds delicious. Glad no further damage was done to you and your place.
    Glad you took out the “junque” posted on your last entry.

    Have a great week-end.

  2. Ok, that is hillarious, and a timely story for me too. Last night I tried out my new MINI deep fryer for the first time!

    Isn’t it the cutest thing??

    I fried some cold, hardened refrigerated squares of cheesy grits (a splattering, frightening disaster) and some cold, hardened squares of polenta (actually good). The grease splattered all over my floor and countertop. I took cooking classes too.

  3. I was already laughing (mainly because ANY night of cooking with me is liable to end with a stove that looks like that)…but this: “I can see where you were going with it!รขโ‚ฌย … was the kicker. I’m totally paraphrasing that next time I experience a cooking disaster, i.e., “But can you see where I was going with it?!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. See – now THIS – THIS is truly funny! Sigh. Drunken cookin is always fun – but I would avoid the old Chinese recipe of drunken shrimp… they are alive when you eat them… but drunk. **shivers**

  5. Ms. D: what made it more funny was it was at HER place! I almost burned down my colleague’s apartment! Glad you are well and thanks for helping me always look on the bright side!

    Sara: that IS cute. I would FRY everything-twinkies, oreos, chicken…whateva!

    Marilyn: Girl, it was just priceless. Spinchick can say something hilarious without cracking a smile and just run with it…

    Liz: That sounds terrible! drunk, live, shrimp? that sounds like a bad 80’s band!

  6. Dia,
    I watced Paula Deen take cold mac & cheese, cut it into squares, wrap each chunk in bacon and deep fry it.
    I could feel my blood sugar rise and feel my arteries closing.

  7. Good times…I was going to make you cook for me the next time we were in the same time zone, but perhaps I’ll cook for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or take you out to eat. I see that I’ve missed a call or two. Sorry about that – been neck-deep in paper writing. Hope to catch up with you soon. Glad you enjoyed your gift. I thought it would be appropriate for a foodie such as yourself. :p

  8. FC: I LOVED it! We are waiting for the Pears to ripen as we speak. Good times. I can’t believe we haven’t jibber-jabbered in over a month! What, you waitin’ for my birthday?

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