Why I Love My Gig(s) / Clients / Job..Whatever

One of the BEST gifts I’ve gotten recently is a Harry & David’s gift box! The box was too much for me to consume on my own and it came at the PERFECT time. I brought the box into the office of my New England client, and shared it during a recent all day staff meeting. AND, we polished the goodies off with a champagne toast (don’t tell anybody!) from a bottle I had been riding around with for weeks (yeah, let’s not analyze why I’m rollin’ around with champagne in my car…lol).

Seriously yall, if you ever need to send the perfect gift, check them out. And if you ever need to send ME the perfect gift, look no further.

Oh, and as I mentioned before, this is why I love my OTHER client too…


*Photo of fridge at NY Client HQ

I am in NY frequently for this client, and last month we had a few days of strategy sessions, and friday night the office-based team hosted us for a happy hour. With.Homemade.IceCream.And.Cookies.And.Beer. There are only 3 other things in the world that I think about aside from tasty beverages and food….so I was darn near in heaven. And no, I will not tell you what the other three things are…but you can guess in the comments!

Oh, and as a Thank You to the NY office for the Happy Hour…We (the virtual team) sent a Harry & David’s gift box. Coincidence or Genius? You decide.

And tell us in the comments how you feel about your work, profession, job or 9-5! Are you doin’ it for love or for money?

5 thoughts on “Why I Love My Gig(s) / Clients / Job..Whatever”

  1. Um, not the mighty dollar, but the free concerts across the country. Also, the many, many airline miles I just keep picking up from night after night in a hotel… My jobs switch up often so the current gig is for as stated above. It’s been pretty fun and I travel 24/7. I’m actually going to make it to North Carolina this year for work next month. So what was it you recommended out yonder again?

    Looks like your clients are treating you right and nice!

  2. Dia,
    You really DO have the best clients/job/gigs and whatevers 🙂
    I won’t put my guesses in writing about the other three things you think about though.
    I mostly enjoy my work, but I am mainly in it for the HEALTH INSURANCE.

  3. Yeah, I’m just in it for the money and the benefits. I think I’ll never have health insurance this good again.

    Fortunately my non-work hours keep me pretty happy.

  4. I’m in it to serve and protect my country from terrorists by arguring incessently with Ivy league know-it-all’s over whether or not I should use the word, probably or maybe in an assessment that will never be read by policymakers or anyone else besides the 40 other nerdtastic anal-ists at the “premier” un-intelligence agency in the world…on second thought Im buying an ice cream truck and drivin’ that baby across the US of A this summer to bring cold, sweet goodness to all the kiddies…YES I CAN!!!

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