Oaxaca Mexico: I have found my people…pt. vi-x

Wow. Who knew there were like dozens of brown folks all over Mexico? We ran into this good looking group of Morehouse and Spelman students Wednesday night while having dinner and drinks on the Zocalo (there are more of them in the city). What a great group of students from two of the best colleges in the US. They are all staying with Mexican families and taking classes at the local University. The prospect of early morning classes did not stop them from inviting us out to party. Debauchery ensued.

Efosa (20, GA) John (20, NC); Jessica (19, MD); Eric (20, AL) and Robert (21, GA).

Wednesday: To be continued… 


3 thoughts on “Oaxaca Mexico: I have found my people…pt. vi-x”

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  2. My peeps in Mexico! I’ve never been to Mexico and I totally forgot about the program in Mexicon. I am a Spelman c’96 graduate — I’z really old, but when you are black, you don’t crack!

    I love your webpage! You rock, Ms. Funchide.

    I’ll be checking you out here on your little corner of cyberspace.

    Be blessed!

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