A regular commenter on this here blog recommended this book to me about a month ago (Thanks S!). I picked it up and couldn’t put it down, it is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It was the perfect band-aid for my return to reality blues-a mix of travelogue and Oprah-esque self-discovery (from a male perspective). The premise is that one of the brothers gets dumped literally days before his wedding, but since everything is paid for, the jilted groom and family have a party anyway. The groom-not-to-be takes his brother with him on the already paid for two-week honeymoon, and it takes them on a two-year journey around the world. He falls in love with himself, his brother and la pura vida (the pure life) and you probably will too.

Honeymoon with my Brother: A Memoir 

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  1. I am going to get this. Here’s the name of a great book I read about a year ago after stumbling on it by accident in a house I rented in Florida; “Running With Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs, you may have heard of it or may not have. It was sad, funny, quirky and bizzare in parts but overall it was a fantastic read. It made me laugh and it made me cry – sometimes on the same page.

  2. EII: I bought “Running w/ Scissors” last night. I can’t wait to dig in. Thanks for the suggestion.

    L: Be safe on your trip back. Are you driving so much as you are “fleeing”?

  3. Hey,
    That sounds like a great book. I miss reading for pleasure. Once I put down these text books, I will finally get to enjoy what sitting on my book shelves collecting dust. But, this one appears to be a must read, so once this quarter in over I will take it on vacation with me. No just a week, nothing compared to your exploration, smile. Enjoy now!! even though you are back to the states of reality, with a symptoms of the blues. smile

  4. I read that a few weeks ago and found it very inspirational and it made me want to hit the road running!! I would definately say its a MUST read..ok now not only do you have your own blog you have started your own book club!…Dia…so many talents!

  5. renee: finish up the PhD chica then you can do whatever you want!

    shameka: i’m just trying to be like you black child! Thanks for the book suggestion-Honeymoon was right up my alley. I hope all of your plans are coming along and falling into place!

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