Roast Beast (or Not a Vegetarian)


Cooking class last week was hilarious. It must have been the wine. I was making a main dish when one of the guys in the class offered to help me out. I knew I was in trouble when he asked if the eggs had to be cracked before he put them in the food processor. Um, yeah. But I gave him points for trying. I will not however, eat whatever he’s cooking. I made the meatloaf but my favorite dish was the white gazpacho or maybe it was the grilled london broil (above) or maybe it was the ….hell, it was all good.

Here’s another saucy shot of me in my apron and favorite UVA t-shirt (since the last strip-tease-esque shot got so much feedback). I finally received my graduation certificate, cookbook and CAP apron. Now I just need to get my bartending certificate, buy a little palapa roof beach bar on a tourist island where the locals wear as little as possible and the sunsets are magic, and I will have accomplished my goal! Anyone want to invest in this pipe dream guaranteed money-maker?

Y’all have a great weekend. I’m off to Atlanta (for the 3rd time this summer) for work (and play) so stay cool and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do (twice).

7 thoughts on “Roast Beast (or Not a Vegetarian)”

  1. Have fun in atlanta – When I read that there was a shot of you in your apron I rushed to click the link then was like, “What, all we get are two more inches” – this is definately the worlds longest strip-tease/panning shot.

    That london broil looks fantastic but I immediately think – how much did that cost to make (really, how much!). And do you get to eat your london broil because it seems really cruel otherwise?

  2. EII: He really wasn’t kidding. It was startling at the time, but I didn’t make him feel bad. We had a good time.

    E: lmao. I thought you would like that! That London Broil was worth EVERY.PENNY. lady. I’d do it again. And yeah we get to eat everything we cook otherwise I’d just watch the food network.

    Fun will be had in ATL. I got here about 9am this morning.

  3. Dia,
    Great looking food (and cook too?).
    Have fun in Atlanta.
    Sounds like you are still not letting any “grass grow under your feet”.
    Hope you got all of your duplex issues
    done and got replacement transportation. I might consider helping with the pipe dream/money
    maker – I probably would want to eat up the profits though.

  4. momma d: as long as there’s money left over for beer then i won’t have any complaints!

    erica: it’s what’s for dinner!

    tek: dang! next time i’m down that way we’ll have to do a meet up!

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