Ride It Like You Stole It*


Take my advice, wait until spring or fall to take a motorcycle training class. Even with the adrenaline rush and velocity induced breeze, 102 degrees and a helmet, long-sleeved shirt and boots don’t mix. I took the Jump Start class in June, and got my license yesterday after the 3 day Basic Rider Course. You might wanna stay off the streets for a while.

*Instructor’s Advice during BRC


12 thoughts on “Ride It Like You Stole It*”

  1. Dia,
    You go girl!!!!
    I used to like to ride on the back of motorcycles many years ago (when I was riding with Frank only).
    In fact, I used to like to do a lot of stuff many years ago.
    Is that your new bike?
    I will look for you cruzing down Mercury Blvd on my way home from work.
    Trust yourself – just don’t trust the other guys. People don’t seem to look out for bike riders.

  2. Momma D!: I wish that was my bike! Now I have to save up for yet ANOTHER addiction. I can’t believe you rode on the back. I would never get on James’ motorcycle(s). I guess I have trust issues! Can’t wait to catch up with ya!

  3. You got your motorcycle license! That’s hot, just please don’t become a biker chick, it would be a bit odd.

  4. I took a Basic Rider Course a few years ago, but never went ahead and got the endorsement (or a bike…). I need to do that again. Isn’t it so fun?!

    A guy I used to work with has a bike kind of like yours in the picture there. I like that it’s not quite a crotch-rocket, but not one of those honkin’ touring bikes either.

  5. Carmelia: I’ll do my best to avoid becoming a “Biker Chick” but I ain’t makin’ no promises. I gotta “preserve my sexy” to quote Diddy

    Dan: Tell me how it was man! Be careful b/c it is addictive! Be safe

    EII: no YOU are the coolest chick EVER. I can do this back and forth ALL DAY lady.

    Erica: yeah, i like the little cruisers and even some of the standards (crotch rocket looks but sit upright like a cruiser). that is so funny that you took brc. i am so addicted that i have been trying to figure out how to get a bike even though i don’t have a car! (shorty rock died).

  6. I can see it now…you with some tatoos on your neck, a bandana, and a leather jacket riding with the “Loco Gatos” through Mexico with the easy rider theme song in the background…I LOVE IT!! Congrats!!

  7. shameka: uh, your “vision” has made me very afraid. if you ever see me actually looking anywhere near what you’ve described, i need you to issue an intervention and save me from myself….

  8. Go riding! Go riding! I wanted a motorcycle when I was 22 by my mother put the nix on that; at which point I tried to buy a herse to ride around in instead (hey it works for the redhead on Six Feet Under). Somehow, she didn’t see that as a compromise. Hope to see you out on the road, I will be the one you pass on the bicycle pedalling like mad and making “Bruuummmmmmmmm!” noises (fantasy roadster).

  9. eII: gee, thanks for the support lady!

    e: dude, you can totally tell your mom that you are taking piano lessons or something now and sneak and take the course and buy a bike and hide it at your house and if she finds it say you’re keeping it for a friend! subterfuge-its what’s for parents!

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