Killington, VT: See You At The Top


I generally really enjoy each and every day, and the last 7 months my work has felt not much different from my play. BUT, I can finally admit out loud that though I lurve to travel…I hate traveling for work. I can’t get into a routine, can’t sign up for a class or get involved in anything spiritual/volunteer/civic. I enjoyed Atlanta last week and I’m off to Wyoming this week for a NOLS board meeting. Trips to Cincinnati, New York and Miami sit on the horizon and all I can do is sigh. The grass is always greener, no?

I am now working on 3.5 clients and really enjoying all of them for the same reason…the people. Friday I kept saying to myself “I can’t believe I get paid to do this…” I got to hear Audrey Kania speak and later that evening got to hang out at a “wine pairing dinner” led by W.R. Tisch, with Diane Darling as the Keynote speaker. That my friends is not a bad day in my book.

I’m in New England and it is cold already. Beautiful, but cold. They predict the first snows in mere weeks, not months. Saturday I got to hang out with the craziest professor I’ve ever met and a bunch of her friends and we went down to North Hampton, Mass to a craft fair (hey, I’ll try anything once) and I got to meet Emerson Matabele! I lurve his work, his vision and his presence, I rarely meet people that make me feel like I need to step up my game, but he did, the professor did, a soon to be professor did, this big client gig…definitely requires stepping up. I’m struggling and yearning to get to the next level, but I feel like I don’t have many mentors or champions, many people that can help me break through. I’m constantly pushing others, friends, family members, colleagues and I don’t have many people that are pushing me…ambition is a party of one.

Today was beautiful, likely one of the last “let’s go outside and play” days for this We went up to Killington and took the gondola up to the top and got some amazing shots of the view. The place was swarming with mountain bikers, rock (wall) climbers, hikers, and the like. I realized that I was somewhat excited about maybe taking a snowboarding lesson or getting back on some skis, that maybe a snowmobile class would be fun and that I had enough dri-wick shirts to make it bearable. A smile crept from my cheeks to my eyes because I realized I’ll always want to GO farther. DO more. BE better. You can take the child out of the fun, but you can’t take the FUN out of the CHILDE. Wyoming awaits.


4 thoughts on “Killington, VT: See You At The Top”

  1. See now, I wish I could hang out with a crazy prof – but the ski thing I can’t do. Not now not ever. I am totally unable to master the art of this sport – despite the fact that I’m Canadian. Still can’t. But beerboggining – that I can do 😉

  2. Funnygirl: I can’t believe you are Canadian and can’t ski. I’m not sure I’d admit that. You are tearing down stereotypes that might rock the modern world!

    LBoogie: Anytime, that one was for free! Kidding.

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