Pre-Trip Planning: Paging Dr. McSteamy


The Funchilde International Base Camp (FIB-C) is rather a mess these days. And by mess I mean I have commandeered my parent’s dining room with my paperwork, printer, files and various electronics. This week I will concentrate on finalizing my vaccinations (International Yellow Card pictured) and avoiding filling my anti-malarial prescription (if you’ve ever taken anti-malarials you’ll sympathize).

If you’re planning your own adventures outside of the US, check out the State Department’s updated travel/health advisory(ies).

T-minus: 22 days and counting to

First stop: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to Nassau, Bahamas.


7 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Planning: Paging Dr. McSteamy”

  1. its chloroflorquine or something like that. i have one for lariam too if i want to use that. to be real honest with you…i may not even take the stuff. we’re not going deep into the bush like we did with NOLS so i may ask the ship doctor his/her opinion. i don’t like how powerful that stuff is. That said the nurse “tsk tsk”‘d me when i declined the flu shot.

  2. Yeah… I am not a doctor or any type of medical professional [/disclaimer] but it will take Very Special Circumstances for me to ever take malaria drugs again. I’ve never had the flu shot either, or the flu. …of course now I’m probably going to get malaria, the flu and dengue fever for good measure… I hope you stay healthy!!

  3. Just found your blog, and I’ll keep reading. Women in the Wild is one of my favorite books. Have a wonderful trip!

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