Hanover, NH: The Family You Choose


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The thing about being a nomad is that the siren call of the road will always trump the possibilities of laying down roots…until it doesn’t anymore. I’m still a sucker for the thrill of travel and so I am continually bidding someone, somewhere “see you later.”

I realized this weekend that I have a set of keys to my parent’s house (a given), but I have keys to three other houses that do not belong to people I am related to. I have standing invitations to let myself into their homes whenever I need to (and I have).  I can show up to any of these places with no notice, broke, broke-down, and bedraggled and I’d be accepted with open arms.

To be loved and trusted with the keys to someone’s most intimate space is the ultimate honor in my book, trumped only by being trusted with someone’s offspring. And so I bid my fond farewells to my New Hampshire, New York and Virginia client’s, my closest friends and of course my family, which isn’t so hard to do when you know you’re always welcome back.

T-minus: 7 days and counting to Semester at Sea.

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First stop: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to Nassau, Bahamas.

17 thoughts on “Hanover, NH: The Family You Choose”

  1. Dia,

    You might not have a key to my house, but you still remember where I hide it, don’t you.

    Ms. D.

    P.S. Look out for Tom – the every-other-week- roommate.

  2. before you were a nomad, i can recall a time or two when i brought some drama to your doorstep or needed to hide out next door. you always answered with good food and good counseling. i’m a big believer that you get what you give in this world. what folks are willing to do reflects what you bring to their lives. i’m proud to know you homey. now go forth and shine your light all ’round the world.

  3. Momma D: You know you’re family…BUT I did forget where the key is! Love you!

    Lboogie: Mi Casa es su casa, but now that you are movin’ on up, I’ll be couch surfing at your bachelorette pad! Holla!

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