Pre-Trip Planning: Travel Gear Faves

*Note: If you click on the photo it will take you to flickr where you can see my notes on each item*

So what do you take on a RTW (round the world) trip? I have no idea so I’m taking my favorite stuff.

Things I Cannot Live Without:

-Aquafresh Toothpaste
-Lady Speedstick
-Various odd-a$$ sized batteries
-Orbit Gum
-Goody’s Headache Powder
-Gillette Venus Razor
-Ultra Mentha Lip Shine
-Tazo Tea & Splenda
-Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
-Camera (Nikon D50 & Coolpix S6)
-Women’s Ultra Mega Vitamins (GNC)
-Travel Alarm Clock
-Swiss army tool w/ penlight
-Hip Hop; R&B; Jazz Tunes
-Barnes & Noble Spiral Journals & Uniball Pens
-Toothbrush & Mouthwash
-Cold, Hard, Cash (US $ and Indian Rupees pictured)

What else should I take? What can’t you live without when you travel?

T-minus: 6 days and counting to Semester at Sea.

Check me out over at Gadling.

First stop: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to Nassau, Bahamas.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Planning: Travel Gear Faves”

  1. dear dia,
    looks like you are ready girl! yeah, orbitz, definitely! camera, check. toiletries, check. you good. money, check…

    so, where do i check for your travel updates? here or gadling?

    also, i want to email you about some things, mainly travelling.

    oh yeah, (regarding last post), feel free to stop by if you find yourself in my hometown. the door is always open.

    i wish you well and safe travels.

    keep doing ya’ thang girl!


  2. don’t forget the floss. you never know when you’re gonna need some floss. And I would pack some dramamine… just in case.

    Safe travels homey!!

  3. Blindian: You know I got the eye mask covered girl!
    Kellz: Thank You, Gracias, Danke!
    Lauren: Thanks for the back to back shout outs. I’m so excited to have a friend who will be a big time banker! I’m gonna work in the mailroom and you’re gonna help me get to the top…oh wait, wasn’t that a movie?

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