Pre-Trip Planning: Reads for the Road

Uh, is it a problem if I have a whole ‘nother bag for my books? is in lurve with me right about now. Where I’m going to put all of these remains a mystery. Maybe I don’t need 14 pair of underwear…..

Top to bottom:

love walked in
the secret history**
girl’s guide to absolutely everything***
like life****
the power of one******
the digital photography book******
around the bloc
love & romance
why are all the black kids sitting together
what every american should know about the rest of the world**
the living bible (this is my favorite of my 4 bibles)
lisey’s story*

the world is flat
what every american should know about who’s really running world
the hidden cost of being african american
woman, an intimate geography*****
faces at the bottom of the well: on racism
frida: a biography
a short history of nearly everything
the kindness of strangers

*My Parents gift me a new Stephen King book every xmas/kwanzaa

**Personal Favorite

***Written by fellow Wahoo Melissa K

****Recommended by Melissa K

*****Recommended by Erica

******Recommended by Josh

T-minus: 4 days and counting to Semester at Sea.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Planning: Reads for the Road”

  1. Um…I see ‘traveling light’ is not a priority… 😉 You know about BookCrossing…right? I’m just sayin’…in case you wanna unload a few of these along the way…

  2. never heard of it, hook a sistah up? what is bookcrossing?
    i’m also figuring that other people on the ship will be in the same boat (hahahaha) and will want to trade!

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