Port Everglades, Fl: Almost Famous

Just a quickie yall. On the move to the BAHAMAS! Don’t HATE, CONGRATULATE! Sorry, I got a little carried away.

[1] Funchilde and Megan got a HUGE shout out on the National Geographic Traveler blog! Holla!

[2] I have a couple of new posts up over at Gadling (my posts are here Mom), good grazing while I get my life together over here.

6 thoughts on “Port Everglades, Fl: Almost Famous”

  1. national geographic!? now you are OFFICIALLY a world traveler. be sure to say ‘hi’ to oprah while you’re in SA. I hear she hangs out down there.

    i’m c’ville. i’ll be sure to have a an apple martini for you… and pour a little out on the bar for my homey.

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