Naughty Nassau

I’m totally in lurve with the whole crew of the MV explorer, but there are super-crazy anti-fraternization rules (is that like boycotting a college party?). For one, the crew (of the ship, not necessarily staff like myself) will be immediately dismissed if they are found to have an inappropriate relationship with one of the students. This apparently happens ALL.THE.TIME. Unfortunately most of the crew are not nearly as well off as most of the student’s families.

The staff isn’t supposed to fraternize with the crew either, but I think if it happens it is supposed to be discreet. But the consequences could still be dire as we will be living in a 900 person community that is as small (or big) as a cruise ship. And there are NO secrets around here. Then of course, the staff (like myself) aren’t supposed to have inappropriate relationships with the students either. So each group (crew, staff, students) basically must pluck from within its own pool so to speak, to assuage any romantic leanings (am I the master of the euphemism (sp?) or what?).

Anyway, I guess I just realized we’re about to go around the world at 20 mph with duty free liquor, a swimming pool, a stunning view and a don’t look, don’t touch policy! This isn’t really that hard for most people who have been academic administrators. I don’t expect it to be a problem here, but ooooohhhh, what lies ahead?

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  1. argh… see, that’s why i couldn’t be stuck on no boat. i tend start fires, then go running for cover.

    can you get me a copy of captain jeremy’s CV? i wanna know how i get to be a cruise boat captain. how much does he get paid?

    Sail on….


  2. DIA,

    I remember my last cruise well – the pickings were young (you have to remember the three others who I travelled with).

    I would love to be “plucked” (at least I would like to be approached by someone mature).

    Have fun…..

  3. You Rock! But when do we get the next entry? All is see you doing is lazing around the ship with nothing to do…. 🙂


  4. Hang in there – you may just have to do your touching when you have port calls!! Aren’t there about a million songs about this sort of thing????

    Love you…
    ps – we are home safe and sound and quickly got knocked back into reality – Utah is gorgeous!

  5. Happy Valentines Day! Cheryl wants me to say hello and that she misses having you around. I think that is the general sentiment though? So many people love to blow spoke up your …..(you know that rest)! Totally kidding you already know how wonderful you are and how paralyzed we are without you…..

    Things with me are good. Cold as hell here. Things in the personal life have been eventful, so when you get a chance I would love to tell you about. So thrilled that you are traveling at snails speed around the world, gives you lots of time for reflection. Holla back when you can.

  6. B. Dia Draper… Betsy and I have figured out your little secret… you sound like a kid who has seen the cookies in the cookie jar… has been told not to eat one… but BOY, you really want to take a bite of that choclate chip goodness and don’t like the rule that says you can’t have one. Meaning, do we hear the telltale signs of a big fat crush? 🙂 Hope so, and have fun.

    we miss you… keep up the great reporting!
    g and b

  7. When did you start followning the rules?..Also, I think it would be appropriate for the song “Pimpin’ all over the world” – by Ludacris and Bobby Valentino to begin playing whenever your blog page opens…Lets see what we can do to make that happen.

  8. Ooh, it’s just like The Real World. Those kids are always getting crew members fired! Of course, the unaddressed question is, Any temptations as yet?

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