Cape Town, South Africa: Choose Your Own Adventure

By the time you read this I will be out and about in Cape Town. We just sailed into harbor and are in between diplomatic briefings. I have so much to tell you about our travels so far, but the combination of long days with lots of activities and responsibilities and RIDICULOUSLY expensive internet has created a perfect storm of blog blackout. So, I have 7 days in Cape Town, what should I do?

Robben Island (Where Mandela was imprisoned)
Table Mountain (in the photo)
Shark Dive
Ostrich Farm
Botanical Gardens
Go to the Theatre
Jazz Safari
Cooking Class
Bungee Jump from highest point in the world
Go to Meerkat Manner
Park my behind on the beach
Visit a Township
Skydive with Shayla
Ride ATVs
Stay in my room and recover from Carnival

What say you (and no, I can’t do “all of the above”). Let me know what you think I should do in Cape Town!

20 thoughts on “Cape Town, South Africa: Choose Your Own Adventure”

  1. Robben Island
    Table Mountain
    Jazz Safari
    Cooking Class
    Meerkat Manner
    Visit a Township

    Recover when you are back stateside!

    Enjoy and take lots of photos, we will be able to enjoy then when you get back!

    lots of luv and be safe.

  2. Dia,
    Do things that you can’t do anywhere else in the world. You might miss doing certain activities in Cape Town, but you can do them someplace else.

    Remember there is no rest for the weary.

    Have fun and take plenty of pics.

  3. My vote…in this order:
    1. Meerkat Manner
    2. Shark Dive
    3. Visit a Township (Soweto-sp?)
    4. Robben Island, Table Mountain
    5. Write your blog on Carnival–I’m Dying here Lady!! where are all the pics of beautiful caramel complected, half naked revelers in the streets of Brazil? And I know your holding out on the scandalous pics so you can just send them to my personal e-mail, I know ur trying to keep this blog PG. 🙂

  4. My guess is you will
    1. Visit Robben Island (Where Mandela was imprisoned)
    2. Sightsee Table Mountain (in the photo)
    3. Go Kayaking
    4. Jazz Safari (I wish I could go with you, it’s been my dream forever, Oh well)
    5.Attend a Cooking Class
    6. Go to Meerkat Manner
    7. Visit a Township
    8. Skydive with Shayla (Another dream of mine, I wonder if my body/bones and withstand the landing, oh well, I hope to check it out anyway).
    8. Ride ATVs (this activity sounds interesting, aw, why not?)

    It’s March already, I would love to meet you somewhere before you return in May. Chew on the suggestion and let me know in plenty of time to search for and collect recycleable cans and bottles and turn them for $$$/discretionary spending.

    I’m waiting…

  5. Okay, first of all, the minute I saw shark dive……my first thought was no way, which means you should do it!! Meerkats are a must, because Thomas thinks they are about the coolest animals ever, bungee jumping – its way overrated, park yourself on the beach for at least 1 afternoon instead, Robben Island – YES, cooking class – ABSOLUTELY that way next time you stay in your room here you can show off (and we can eat great!) – let’s see…….. skydiving does have some appeal….go to church if its going to be the real South African deal.

    Whatever you do, I need to hear about Carnival – is it everything they say it is?

    We love you!

  6. Skydive
    table mountain
    oprah’s school
    scope out the bar/club scene in preparation for World Cup 2010
    … and definitely the beach if you can make it.

  7. …This is really not on topic, but I read that you grew up internationally – as a military brat, to be concise. I have a website for us global nomads of all ages to meet, network & discuss issues 🙂 I hope you check it out & pass it on…

    Stef 🙂

  8. HI DIA,



  9. That’s hard to narrow down. Sheesh!

    Robben Island
    Table Mountain
    Go to the Theatre
    Jazz Safari
    Cooking Class
    Bungee Jump from highest point in the world
    Visit a Township
    Skydive with Shayla

  10. Hi Dia. I have started reading your blog in the last couple of weeks and love your travels. Not sure how I came across the site but I work in the industry and have friends at BootsnAll so could have been there. Just wanted to comment quick with thoughts on Cape Town. I spent time there last year with some of the Boots crew and there is way too much to do. Here were some of my favorites:
    –don’t miss Robben Island – amazing and powerful
    –the township tour is a must as well; amazing to see how a lot of the world lives and the smiles on the kids faces are worth everything; it’s truly a unique experience where you see things you normally wouldn’t (although sometimes a bit commercialized) such as Vicky’s B&B which has three rooms and is located in the middle of the township
    –also great to hike up Table Mountain and ride the cable car down (or vice versa); stunning views
    –drive to Cape Point – great views along the coast (you can make a quick stop at Boulders Beach to get up close with the very interesting penguins); also stop in Kalk Bay for drinks at The Polana which has amazing views of the water
    –Camps Bay is a great place to enjoy the beach and has some great lunch spots
    –if you love wine (which I think I read somewhere you do) you must go on a wine tour; there are plenty of options and we did one that was fantastic and had some of the best wines I have ever tasted; if you get a chance try Diemersfontein Pinotage (quite an interesting wine)

    I fell in love with SA and Cape Town (second time around as I was born in Joburg) while I was there. More than anything enjoy your time and the amazing place and people!

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