Somewhere in the Indian Ocean….

In the ultimate nod to narcissism (and per my father’s request for more pictures of myself), I present to you: My Dirty Fourth Birthday in Pictures.

I was awakened at 0800 by a knock on my cabin door and went out to find a delivery of 50 cookies from my shipmate Shayla! 

I had all kinds of cards and balloons and stuff on my door which I quickly took down because I do all that I can to ensure that the students don’t know exactly where I dwell. Because they barely let me walk from one end of the ship to the other as it is.
It was a “No Class Day” which meant everyone got to sleep in a bit, so the ship was really quiet. I spent the next two hours roaming around the ship trying to off-load cookies on students, staff and crew.

I received a nice surprise in my Senior Staff Meeting…the best ice-cream cake.ever.period. But my birthday didn’t keep us from working. Or rather, I did all of the work as usual. But there were lattes, smoothies and hot chocolate to supplement the sugar high of the cookies and cake.
At 1200 hours I had lunch with “The Boys.” The one to my immediate left in this pic is one of a pair of twins. Joshua (and his brother Gregory) played tricks on me for the first week on the ship before I knew they were twins and thought it was just one overzealous, cutie-pie kid who might need an “after school special” talk about “inappropriate feelings for your elders.” However they are now two of my favorite students.

Later, I went to my office and did some important work.

I capped the night off with a meeting with the “Students of Color @ Sea” group and much later a get together and a margarita (or 3) in the faculty/staff lounge. It was a great day indeed. Thank all yall for your well wishes, e-mails, e-cards and shout outs.

A special “Happy Birthday” goes out to my birthday buddy Sarah Grace!

11 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Indian Ocean….”

  1. Good to see a picture of your without your hair covered.
    Looks like a good par……….T.
    Great pics too.

  2. I agree with your pop – I LOVE the pics of you – MORE MORE MORE!!!
    Glad you had a happy b-day – we love you and are so glad your 34th will be a memorable one! Can you believe we are 34??????

  3. Hi Dia!! We met through MLT last year (cohort 8 in San Francisco). My younger sister Valerie is on the SAS voyage right now!! I have been checking out a few blogs of others on the voyage and somehow found a link to yours…what I didn’t know is that you were the DIA I grew to know and admire in the past year. I would love to stay connected through your blog and I’d love for my sister to meet you!! I will actually be meeting her in Vietnam, so maybe I’ll have the chance to say hello then! How wonderful that you’re part of this very exciting experience!! Take care.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday! You know I realized, that if you take out all of the words where you have pictue links and insert the word (or roundabout the word) drinking, it makes your story even funnier. Anyways safe travels and best wishes!

  5. I hadn’t realized you were blogging while at sea–I have some reading to do! Happy birthday, and I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the book. I was just in VA for the Book Fest & it was as lovely as ever. Take good care, sailor. –Melissa

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