OH, I thought you said “Drinking Blogger Award!”


Though my internet connection is expensive, slow and generally non-existent, I’m still soaking up some linky-love! First, Marilyn over at California Fever tagged Funchilde for a “Thinking Blogger” award. As if that wasn’t enough, my colleague Adrienne from Gadling, nominated one of my shots from India for the “Photo of the Day” on April 14th.

So, as part of the “Thinking Blogger” award/meme, I’m supposed to nominate 5 (five) bloggers for this award. This is a virtually impossible task for me because I read so many and I only read blogs that make me laugh or make me think. So I’m going to highlight some blogs that I normally wouldn’t/don’t mention here.

Mad As Hell Club: I don’t even know how to describe this. Just read their description here. They aren’t happy with the way things are going and they’re using their brains and creative talent to give voice to some solutions and ideas. AND they are pretty funny if you like smart, fast, acerbic wit.

Lynne D. Johnson: If I wasn’t me, I’d want to be Lynne Johnson. She’s smart and her profile resonates with me, black, feminist, hip-hopper, nerd. She writes and publishes on several spaces/platforms and I have been following her off and on for about 2 years. I found her current platform through Swirl’s blogfeeds.

J. Brotherlove: Freelance writer, web designer, and all around smart guy. Love his socio-cultural view on events and personalities. Just when I think I’ve got something figured out, I wander over and J blows me away with his perspective.

Opinionistas: Reformed lawyer chick Melissa Lafsky in Manhattan. “A continuous examination of the ridiculousness of human behavior”-how could you not rush to check out something with a tagline like that? Her acerbic wit and biting commentary on the legal profession specifically, and mundane office work in general make me laugh and make me think about how I’m living my “work” life.

The Happiness Project: Gretchen’s posts are at once personal and intellectual, social commentary and scientific examination-all on the subject of happiness. She and I would have almost nothing in common except a love of reading from what I can tell (she doesn’t enjoy listening to music—WHAT?) but I dig the way her brain works and the tips, insights, quotes and struggles to obtain and maintain that elusive zen state.

So get to it, I’ve just handed you nuggets of gold with which you can further delay doing actual work or performing necessary errands.

Things I’m thinking about:

Should I head to Beijing from Hong Kong?
Tragedy at VA Tech
RIP Kurt Vonnegut
Don Imus controversy

4 thoughts on “OH, I thought you said “Drinking Blogger Award!””

  1. Hi there! Thinking about you today w/all this Tech stuff. Can’t imagine us dealing with that back in our day. I love you and love going along this trip with you.

  2. Right back at you BA. I remember when I was looking at Colleges and ALMOST went to Tech. I remember how naive and innocent we were back then. Columbine hadn’t happened, 9/11 wasn’t even a thing we could imagine. We have 3 VA Tech kids on board the ship right now. my heart goes out to the whole community.

  3. hi D, we miss you here in cold Hanover, where the spring is really resisting making an appearnce (it snowed on sunday). i literally would have “oops I C%$##$D my pants” if i saw a rat running toward me on the train. you are a really brave lady… what an adventurer! A. and I are about to embark on our own crazy adventure… the peanut will arrive in time for some Turkey on Thanksgiving. 🙂 Much joy to be found all thru Norwich! Safe travels and keep living life to its fullest. G

  4. I’ve been weeks behind in blog-reading (darn job!) Just catching up here. I’ll have to check out these links you’ve suggested. I imagine the way you felt in China is probably similarly to how my mate felt when he lived in Japan for 8 months in the mid-80’s. (He loved it though.)

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