Kobe, Japan: So Sushi


The weather in Kobe is gorgeous. Just perfect for strolling and hopping on and off the impressively spotless rail system. The people are all smiles and style. Everyone is rocking either the Armani businesswear or the Hipster kid/Hip Hop/Glam Grunge look. They definitely appreciate individuality and artistic expression. We hit up Uoyatei for some conveyor belt sushi. Real sushi, not that supermarket stuff (that I confess that I love). Fresh wasabi, sweet ginger, hot green tea – spring in Japan. Amazing.

8 thoughts on “Kobe, Japan: So Sushi”

  1. Be sure not to miss the yakitori. I have a hilarious picture of 8 UVA alums in Tokyo eating it together — much fun. Any chance you’ll get to venture to Kyoto? Sooo gorgeous. I can’t believe you’re almost in the HOME stretch! Soak it up.

  2. Srah: The conveyor belt was so much fun, everyone sitting side by side, watching the truly beautiful food go by. Plucking off what you want, commenting on things we were too afraid to attempt.

    Stella: San Diego is our final port after Hawai’i. I’m on my way.

    Trina: Had the yak, very good stuff. very fun to eat too. saving kyoto for next time.

    A: Not ready at all. Everyone is battling a range of emotions, sadness/anxiety/excitement. I know I am markedly different than i was in January and most of these kids are 19/20 years old and they’ve changed alot. hard to imagine re-integrating into society after all we’ve seen and done. but others have done it before. we too will figure it out.

  3. B-
    Society back in the us is the hardest part of the journey. Definitely makes you appreciate what we have here, but also makes you weep for what we have here and what little we do with it. We are wasting “it” and it will all be gone one day.
    OK, just got back from Vermont and the “green crunchy” people got in my head. I should be back to my self-indulging person by the time you hit VA. When is that, exactly?

  4. D-

    Okay, I need a date….ETA??!!! I am heading to Miami tomorrow, will be back on Sunday. Miss you so much!!!! Please COME BACK…..

  5. dia, your so cool. i wish i had so many believers…. so glad we traveled the world together!

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