#13: Butterfly Farm in Malaysia

DSC_0020, originally uploaded by funchilde.

Still counting down my top 15 in no particular order.

This pic is from the Butterfly Farm in Penang, Malyasia. I didn’t blog about Malaysia because it was hella hot, hella expensive and I was fighting a cold. The island is trippy with lots of little tourist attractions and this one was one of my favorites.

3 thoughts on “#13: Butterfly Farm in Malaysia”

  1. Did they have swords? Ok ok…

    But really what do they do on a butterfly farm? Do they harvest the butterfly’s wings and make iridescent paint? Glitter? Is there some migrant labor pool hired to pull the wings off these poor defenseless creatures?

  2. lol. unfortunately no swords (at least not that i saw). the butterfly farm was solely dedicated to raising as many species as they could in their climate. It was really hilarious to walk around and everyone had butterflies all over their hair and clothes. so colorful.

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