#10: Remembering Virginia Tech

DSCN3689, originally uploaded by funchilde.

Terrible pic, but i busted my coolpix S6, so yes, every time i leave the country, i sacrifice a nikon coolpix to the camera gods.

we were pulling into hong kong when the tragedy at Virginia Tech occurred. And we stopped everything as a community and Archbishop Desmond Tutu led us in a community reflection/prayer and a moment of silence. The 2nd to last week on the ship we had an “Remembering Virginia Tech” day and everyone wore either orange, maroon or black shirts. It was beautiful to see the whole community come together. We had 4 VT students sailing with us, and one professor who received her PhD from Tech.

The last week we wore red yarn around our wrists and as you can see from the photo, hung the names of all those lost in our most central location on board.

I like how despite the fact that we were half a world away, and could easily have shrugged the tragedy off and kept on going, we didn’t. It made me proud to be a part of a caring community. And grateful that we had the ability to remember our fellow students, educators and friends.

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