100…99…98 Things left to do

Le Passport! It arrived!

Le Vaccinations! They hurt like hell!

Le Time! It is flying!

I am trying to wrap up and pass along dozens of projects at work. It is bittersweet. I am at once both sad to be relinquishing the reigns of my duties and at the same time my soul continues to lighten in direct proportion to the load. It will be interesting to see how I define myself without a full-time job. As a single, child-free, semi-workaholic, I can admit that alot of how I see myself is tied to my work. I suppose I will have to either a) find a new way of looking at myself in the world or b) find another job. Uhm, er, let’s go with option A. At least for a little while.

I haven’t yet tied down the movers or the pet sitting thing, my two biggest hurdles at this point, but I am confident that all of the little details will be ironed out. I have to do some work on The Dupe this weekend with my neighbor and friend and handyman extraordinaire Little Chris (yes, there is a Big Chris).

A belated Happy 9th Birthday to my favorite nephew, the wisest old soul on the planet. Thank you for being you little man, and for your fabulous “Stephen’s Five Cheese & Macaroni” and the best Eclair Cake ever. Seriously y’all. This kid can put his foot in it.

4 thoughts on “100…99…98 Things left to do”

  1. Hi Funchilde! I found your site through BootsnAll. Best of luck with tying up your loose ends before you travel–I’ll be doing the same…

  2. @amhran: always good to see another bootie! wait that sounds kind of strange…thanks for the well wishes and keep me posted on your plans!

    @terah: I love it! More chics TWB (traveling while brown). I’ll holler at you on your site.


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