Currently I

Currently I would like to: find the perfect motorcycle at the perfect price.

Currently I am listening to: Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige.

Currently I am reading: High Society by Ben Elton.

Currently I am craving: Mexican Food. Scratch that…GOOD Mexican Food.

Currently I’d rather be: Snuggled up in bed with someone special, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

Currently I am worried about: Getting the rental unit finished for the new tenants before I have to leave for New Hampshire.

Currently I am glad: That I stuck with it and can now proclaim that I am a juggler! 3 Balls Baby! Wait, that didn’t come out right…

Currently I am trying to figure out: The perfect balance between what I want to do and what I HAVE to do, and maintaining a sustainable pace of life so I can be healthy, happy and productive. Anyone figured this out yet?

Currently I am reflecting on: What a great weekend I had at someone else’s million dollar brownstone in DC, with an amazing kitchen that I got to test out with my famous Rasta Pasta recipe and grilled asparagus and eggplant and chicken-apple sausage…with the most comfortable bed in the world and icy-cold A/C…that I don’t have to pay the mortgage on.

What are you doing currently?

5 thoughts on “Currently I”

  1. finding the perfect balance is like juggling: it all depends on where the balls are (wait, that didn’t come out right either 🙂

  2. shaine: thanks, it has been a personal goal for quite a while. it is actually fun and a great little “stress” reliever during the day when things get hectic.

    tek; you ain’t never lied. i heard this analogy that life is all about juggling the independent components. you just have to know which balls are plastic and which ones are glass!

  3. Um… Currently, I am reading my favorite blog sites on the job time…eeek.
    I am trying to decide what I want for lunch. I am thinking what might make for good last might stops in SF. I’m also taking any and all good book recommendations anyone out there might have….


    nice work with the juggling and I personally think wanting and HAVING to go on an overland trip anywhere (especially Africa though) is a must. Okay, enough – I like the photo posted above too. It’s something out of a daydream.


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