All There Is

I played golf with one of my housemates yesterday. We went out to the local practice holes (free) and walked the course, shot the breeze and enjoyed the sunshine and New England fall weather. There was no one else around and as we crested one hill, we saw a huge doe and her two fawn.

We were crazy close, so close in fact that I was wondering what I would do if she charged us. But I was nonetheless captivated by their beauty, it felt like a gift to happen upon them there. They looked at us, we stood as still as possible so as not to ruin the moment. All there is, moments like these, stretched between bills, work, heartbreak, disappointment, expectations, new directions, second chances, the first blush of love, responsibilities, maturity. Life is so amazing.

4 thoughts on “All There Is”

  1. thanks for peeking in. I rarely get visits other than spam so hadn’t moderated for a while. what a nice surprise to see a real visitor!

  2. Jeffrey dragged me out to the golf course with him a couple of Sundays ago. It’s the course he works out, so it was free, of course. It was a sunny, but windy, day and it had been awhile since I’d ridden around a course with him. At one point we were sitting in the middle of a fairway waiting for the group ahead of us to finish the hole…when a coyote came running across the fairway not 10 yards in front of us. That was pretty cool. 🙂

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