Amen to That


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[1] Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and support for my Mom and My Grams. Things are still kind of ??? but, holding steady for the moment and sometimes that’s like the best thing in the world isn’t it?

[2] Happy Belated Birthday to my most loyal Blog Reader and favorite Ex-Mother-in-Law: Ms. Darleen! In the midst of the madness I totally forgot her special day which I haven’t done in…what 10 years? I’m not going to worry about early-heimers just yet.

[3] Thanks to one of my best buds The Entreprenuer (TE) who called me on Friday afternoon and said:

TE: What are you doing?
Me: I’m at work fool! What are YOU doing?
TE: I’m gonna hop the 8pm flight up to New England, pick me up at the airport.

Fortunately, TE and I are very similar in temperament and expectations and whenever I started to plan out the day(s) she would yell “Quit Planning!” and well, everything worked out. It was just what I needed after the emotional upheaval of the previous week, all the travel of the previous weeks and the fact that there are 4 black folks up here and a familiar caramel brown face was much appreciated and needed more than I knew.

[4] FYI, Heineken Light is awesome. sort of. You can drink 3 in a row, not blow your calorie budget, your cash budget or your “cookies” –whatever that means to you–however you will also not: a) look at all cool b) get any kind of buzz and c) you WILL have to pee seventy-eleven times that night. Just thought you might want to know. 99 calories of goodness. Oh…I just found out Rolling Rock Light only has 86 calories!

[5] The Entreprenuer & I met up with Papaya (1 of the 4 other brown people in town) and her colleague McNutts for drinks and dinner, wherein we discussed: a) Best Dates b) Worst Dates c) Gay Male Identifying paraphenelia (sp?) d) My firmly held belief that anyone who doesn’t own Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album is not “dateable” e) the clarification of “Back Room Racoon” –I can’t even get into that right now f) How I am determined to set Papaya up with one of my best friends aka “The Attorney” because “The Doctor” is currently in lurve with a woman he met at the Burning Man festival and g) Papaya’s firmly held belief that anyone who attends or wants to attend the Burning Man Festival is not “dateable”…, I may not have learned anything, but at least I only consumed 297 beer related calories. Amen to That!

3 thoughts on “Amen to That”

  1. eventually, I want one of the things I say to my friends to be “I’m gonna hop the anytime flight up to {fill in the blank}, pick me up at the airport.”

  2. Thanks for the birthday shout-out. My box of presents before you took off covers all holidays (birthday included) for last and next year 🙂
    I’m glad you have familiar caramel brown faces around you to have fun, drinks and dinner with. If I could drink – (think diabetes) the calories are better than my salsa, sour cream and chips that I have a fondness for right now.
    As for your discussions – I would even like to have a “bad date” now.
    P.S. By the way, send me your snail mail address.

  3. TEK: I think that is the most awesomest goal EVER! Do it! It’s so much fun.

    Ms. D: Thanks a million and I’m soooo sorry!! I’ll e-mail you the info. Hugs!

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