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I’m alive! I am getting over a head cold precipitated no doubt by burning the candle at both ends AND in the middle. Back to back weekends in New York (weekend update coming soon) and a hellacious pace at both clients. I don’t get sick often and pride myself on fighting illness off pretty well, but this one laid me out flat. But, I’m alive!

First order of business, everyone go and order your Ubuntu shirt now, then come back and let’s jibber jabber. My Semester At Sea colleagues John Paul and Shannon are serious about this thing. Plus there’s a cute pic of Archbishop Tutu aka “Toots” so…Go. Seriously!

Okay, now that you’re looking good in your new socially-concious duds, let’s get on with the gettin’ on.

I was tagged by fellow blogger, former Gadling colleague and LA hangout buddy Adrienne as an Amazing Blogger! This honor apparently comes with the dubious duty to “confess” seven “weird” or random facts about myself. As if yall didn’t already know enough? First, I’m going to tag…Liz, a funny girl from Canada (or America North as I like to call it) as an Amazing Blogger too!

1. I have two middle names. The first is the one that you know me by, the second only 10 people in the world know. I only recently found out at my mother’s mother’s funeral, that that second name comes from my great-grandmother.

2. No, I will not tell you what it is. And yes, thanks to the Homeland Security Act it is now on my Driver’s License.

3. I always travel with small candles when I am staying at hotels. I like the calming ambiance, the fragrance, and even if you’re alone it’s kind of sexy! But I also travel with febreeze and house-slippers, so maybe I’m just a nut.

4. The middle name that you know me by means something positive in several languages:

Yoruban: Champion or “First”

Spanish: Day

Hindi: Candle or “Light”

So I like to champion the first light of day, which makes sense, seeing as how I’m an early bird.

5. I do not like the texture of apples or pears, and am in fact, allergic to uncooked apples. However, I do, on occassion, enjoy a slice of apple pie with Vanilla ice cream.

6. I pretend to be competitive, but really I couldn’t give a $h1t most of the time. Except, when it comes to Uno and Dominoes, then I’m insufferably competitive.

7. I made my entreprenuerial debut when I was 9, selling hamsters/gerbils to neighborhood kids for .50 cents each. That is, until my parents found out when one got loose in the house, and all hell broke loose. My second venture was selling colored paper for .05 cents each during the paper-airplane, four corners/truth box craze of ’83. I was 10. At 11 my parents had to shut down my marble re-sale ring because kids were pilfering their parent’s rent money to buy a pringle’s can worth of rare marbles for $20-$50/can. So, I think I’ve always had the entreprenuerial bug.

Yall tell me some weird facts about YOU! Come on now, this is a Community, with a capital “C”!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Blogger Tag!”

  1. Two weird facts about me:
    l. I have never eaten JELLO – I refuse to put something in my mouth that moves.
    2. I don’t eat EGGS – but, I am “famous” in my family for my deviled eggs anyway.
    I have other weird facts about me, but they shall remain unavailable for the world to see 🙂

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. I think I know the “other” name – your secret is safe with me…..for now….

    Some weird facts about me – beyond the countless ones you know:
    1. I have turned into a neat freak – its bizarre – everything has a place and I actually put them there now!!
    2. I’m a food network junkie – the competitions where the people build the wild things out of chocolate and sugar are a favorite.
    3. I eat just about anything in the world except olives – can’t stand ’em..
    4. Speaking of middle names – I officially made mine a part of my first name – I am officially Beth Anne now!

    That’s all for now,
    Love you on Love Day!!

  3. 1) I have no middle name – my parents said I could pick it out for myself and I never did, although when I was 7 it was “Big Bird”
    2) When I was a kid, my parents took us around the country in a Chevy van, and we had to all SLEEP in the van together – ugh, the 70s.
    3) I cannot sleep without cracking my knee a couple of times first, then rolling myself up in the blanket like a burrito.

  4. 1. I can’t eat a sandwich “crust-first” which means I have to peal off the crust of wherever I’m about to take the first bite. This rule just applies to the first bite and it also doesn’t apply to buns. Odd.
    2. I can’t navigate by cardinal directions, only numbers, streets, and landmarks. As in the instruction “Walk north up 83rd St.” means nothing to me. Whereas, “Turn left at the Taco Bell and walk down 83rd St. while the numbers on the building get smaller” does.
    3. Sometimes, if I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, I’ll promise myself that I’ll count to 200 and then get out of bed. This works in that I usually just fall back to sleep before I reach 200. It doesn’t work in that when I finally wake up, it’s a mad scramble to get anywhere on time.

  5. 1. I have abnormally short toes, and on one foot, two of my toes are webbed. This means that at six feet tall, lifting one foot off the ground can be dangerous because I can’t use my toes to balance myself.

    2. I hate sweet potatoes, including sweet potato pie.

    3. I have secret crushes on skater dudes. Ryan Sheckler is a favorite.

    4. When I was in the 3rd grade I thought my name was boring and renamed myself Lee. I have no idea where that came from, but it’s written all over my 3rd grade yearbook.

    5. The first music i ever bought with my own money was a 45″ of “We are the World” … and I still know every word and can mimic all the voices in order.

    6. The first time MJ did the moonwalk on Motown’s 25th, I cried. Seriously. And every time he was on TV until BAD, I cried. Tears of adoration and joy.

  6. Dia,
    I don’t think you know — in 1962 my family travelled from California to Virginia with a yellow canary named “Henry the 8th” in a cage in the back window of our car. We sang Herman Hermit’s , “I’m Henery the Eighth, I Am” for about 3000 miles – I’m sure my Mom and Dad were delighted 🙂

  7. Hi Dia,
    Checking to say hello!! Hmmmm little known facts that are too weird abut me.

    * I did not know there were any other color or designer sheets until I was a freshmen in College. I thought my dorm was a hotel , so I did not bring sheets towels extra. My roommate was kind enough to give me a set . I said Wow!! I had grown up with only white towels and sheets.

    * I Don’t like green peas, nor can I tolerate the smell of those disgusting little peas!!

    * Some of my high school friends beleive my real name is Cherry Pie first and middle. Its really a nickname.

    * Baking cookies and cakes is Therapy for me

    * My dad was a Army soldier and we had inspections every Saturday
    morning and briefings on Friday evenings {{{Hence, my sheltered life}}

  8. wow – i love all the weird facts up above. glad tagging you gave others the chance to share some of their quirky hobbies and habits. I don’t think I could make anything I don’t like eating well and I’m not all that wild about sweet potato either.

    happy belated valentines.

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