Things That Sound Lascivious, But Aren’t

1. We got 6-8 more inches last night. Of snow, you pervs! I basically just gave up and went into the office an hour late in jeans and a sweatshirt.

2. I pulled a muscle in my thigh/groin. Unfortunately, not via any activity that would make such pain worth it.

3. I’m going to the home of someone I don’t know for dinner and wine. I know yall know me enough to know that it’s the “wine” part that tipped the scales.

5 thoughts on “Things That Sound Lascivious, But Aren’t”

  1. This is the worst winter I can remember. We don’t have nearly as much snow as you, (I’m guessing, the northeast somewhere?). I’ve been eating 3X my regular frequency of spicy thai food, drinking 2X the regular amount of red wine this month, and even the racy book I just read about strippers didn’t lift my spirits as much as I’d like!

    We will get through this winter!!!

  2. I saw your pictures and turned up my heat. It’s cold here but no snow Thank God! Spring is coming, verily soon, and with it warm sunshine days. Stay up!

  3. Yep. I’ve had enough of snow myself. We’ve set all kinds of records this year. Can’t take it anymore. Going to start packing for LA. I’m outtta hereeee.

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