Baja Mexico: Loreto


wow. it has been an amazing 2 weeks. i didn’t think it could get better after 5 days of camping at playa escondida and the whale watching, but it did.

from playa we headed into Loreto which is the cutest little cobblestoned town you can imagine and right on the water. we arrived and left under cover of night and i was so intent on getting a shower that this is the only picture i have to show for it. there was an amazing hotel with italian architecture and another impressive mission/church that we stumbled upon during evening mass. we actually lucked into a town gathering/celebration where the governor was bestowing new police cars on the town policia. we got to stumble through the crowd pretending like we knew what was up, but the best thing was that it was clean, there was a cool breeze and i got a hot shower. no wait, the absolute best thing was the chicken enchilada, guacamole, rice and beans for $4.50! or maybe it was the fact that you could buy liquor in the grocery store! (in bottles shaped like naked women no less). in any event, i highly recommend a stop in Loreto if you get the chance. tell them the very clean, sent you.

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