Mulege Mexico: Dilemma


I’ve actually been “working” quite a bit since I hopped off of the Green Tortoise tour. By working I mean following up on potential consulting projects, drafting pitches, cleaning up smaller projects, keeping in touch with networking contacts, etc. As you can see I have been carrying my laptop, various electronic gear and skype headphones with me.

All that said. I now have some decisions to make. Do I keep vagabonding as is or make a go of being a free-lance consultant and travel at the same time?

Pros: I can save money or travel longer
Cons: I will have to stick to major travel routes for technology access

I realize I am blessed to be in a position where I can even contemplate NOT taking a job, but sometimes the paradox of choice can cripple you all the same. I will admit that I had a feeling this would happen when I left so I’m not completely surprised.

So, what say you? Would you throw all caution to the wind and travel til the money ran out? Or would you try your hand at earning as you go?

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  1. Hey,
    You only live once, throw caution to the wind. Follow your passion, and someday you will look back on this as adventure you were glad you continued. I have another friend doing the same thing state side. She has mapped out the USA tour. From East coast to west. Each couple of days she just decides where or what she wants to see in the US before she dies. Not everyone has an opportunity like this. Live now, tomorrow is not promised. But, when you decid where you will plant your roots for a few weeks let me know…..maybe I will venture out to say hi….keep smiling.

  2. Give it a try at the working and traveling, make a little money so you can travel longer. If after a bit you find it isn’t working, that you don’t enjoy at all the major routes, then throw caution to the wind and travel until you are just too tired to travel anymore! Much love, S.

  3. My vote: Work and make your trip last – you might even be able to make a life out of it (if you want). There is Internet in so many seemingly out of the way places, and you can always make a quick trip to a big city if necessary. When you want to get off the beaten path, just let people know, same as you would if taking a vacation at home. If it stops being fun, or you feel you can´t go where you want, stop working.

  4. Wow! I just spun through your entire blog and I’m LOVING it! I found it via BootsnAll.

    I’m shocked at the timing, too. I freelance/consult too, and got called about working while I was in Mexico last summer. It was just a small job, and I’d always been curious if I could do it from “afar” (I work from home over the internet for far-flung clients anyway here in the U.S.).

    So I found a place I wanted to be in for a little chunk of time, did the job, and then moved on. ¡Muy facile!

    (But it was a really easy, short-term gig.)

    Good luck with your decision. How is Skype working down there? I’ve always wondered. And again…..nice blog!



  5. Sounds to me as if you don’t mind working and you’ve got all the tools with you. Might as well use them! You can always stop when you want to, right? I’d do it.

  6. @ monick-girl I don’t want to hear it you got to spend what? a year in argentina!?
    @renee-i will prolly be in guanajuato, mx for a while until late may at least.
    @stacey-i miss you already chica hugs and kisses to the girls. how did siddiq like the ties?
    @shameka-you are way too talented for me to be able to afford your rates chica! plus when all your real estate stuff pops off i’ll be begging you for a job!
    @megan/terah:I am going to take your advice and try to do both
    @travis: i might be in lurve with you! thanks for the shout out on boots!
    @amhran: good to see you friend! i think you are right i’ll do it until it isn’t fun anymore!

    hugs all. it was a hard (yet not) decision, but i’m excited!

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