Guanajuato Mexico: Note to Self


Note to Self: Go to Bed! You have spanish class in the morning. No more hanging out until 2am every night.

Do not go to Zilch with these chicks. Do not go to dinner with Ricardo at Dona Lupe’s. Do not stop at Callejon del Beso (street of the kiss) to hear the story of star crossed lovers wherein some woman’s father killed her lover and the street is so narrow that neighbors on opposite sides can lean out their windows and kiss each other.

Do not stop at the Oxxo to grab a drink to walk around with while Ricardo introduces you to everyone in Guanajuato. Do not stop and talk to Jorge and Olga while they prepare a new bar for its grand opening.  Do not entertain the idea of meeting up with the swiss girls later at BAR FLY. Do not meet up with Drew, Pablo and the crew for drinks with these chicas (and who brought the dog)? Self, please don’t get home at a reasonable time and then stay up jibber jabbing with Jorge (32, CA) and Magnus (26, Norway) all night.  But self, if you can’t help yourself a couple of nights in a row, don’t try to do your spanish homework on the way to class. Just a thought.



**Next day update:


I don’t know why I even talk to you. Were the Mojitos, Micheladas and that shot of tequila really necessary at Cuba Mia? And just because you can watch people dance Salsa all night doesn’t mean you and Jorge and Magnus should plan on doing THAT again. And don’t you need to get some exercise?

Still with affection but rapidly declining trust in your decision-making abilities,





8 thoughts on “Guanajuato Mexico: Note to Self”

  1. yes! i totally disagree. i believe that it (might could) be in your best and highest interest to do all of the things on the above list that you told yourself not to. it’s fun life we’re talking here!!

    thank you so much for the wonder-filled compliments on my blog. i love yours too. thank you for the encouragement and support to follow my heart and lead my dreams. i am inspired because of you.

    soooo…i’m leaving in december for kenya and january for the rest of the world. where will you be then? when shall we link up?

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