Guanajuato Mexico: Oh What A Night…


Andrea, Daniel, Jorge and Mario. 3:30am Calle Juarez, GTO.

Despite previous attempts to “slow my roll” as we say in Virginia, I got caught up in the fever and went out with Jorge and Andrea last night.  Magnus has left us for points south to hang out with friends in Puerto Vallarta, but we have our eyes set on a new arrival: Max (30, TX), Photograper and Production Assistant extraoridnaire.

Jorge bought Andrea and me Bacardi and Jugo de Pina (pineapple juice) which I think was part of a master plan to get us up and moving. We finally hit the town around 9:30pm and headed to WHY NOT? a bar on the other side of the Jardin Union. Everyone was chill but the music was totally out of control so the three of us decided to dance.right.then.and.there. Because hey, these people don’t know us! Our vibe must have been contagious (I think it was my “shopping cart” dance move) because a group of students came to chat us up and we were laughing, talking in 3 languages (Spanish, English and French) and suddenly invited to a private backroom party at Capitolo. I’m not really going to get into what went on there until the wee hours, but the music in the private room was so good that Jorge and I kept looking at each other like “are we really at a party in Mexico and they are playing _____?) Jorge is from California so he KINDA knows about good music.

I will not talk about:

1. Why Jorge thought it would be a good idea to put his sunglasses on someone’s grandma and dance with her in the zocalo. 

2. Why Jorge bought roses for EVERY woman in the back room. And a bunch for one in particular!

3. Where are Andrea’s hands in this picture?

4. Why these two (Daniel and Mariana) make me want to take Salsa dancing lessons.

5. Why Justin is probably NEVER going back to the US.

6. Why all of my single girlfriends should

7. What you get to do if your boyfriend is the bartender.

8. What kind of relationship you have to have with your friends to use this bathroom.

So, tell us about one of YOUR favorite night’s out on the town, either while on the move or while snug in the place you call home.

5 thoughts on “Guanajuato Mexico: Oh What A Night…”

  1. Great night…. great night. Makes me smile reading this entry; I know how these times “just happen” and then it’s gone. Glad you’re enjoying it all.

  2. You are having too much fun. Come home now – I’m so jealous. Or you could always send me a ticket 🙂

  3. I’m hating! This looks like TOO much fun.
    Oof. My favorite night on the town? The entire time I was in South Beach with my peeps on the Adult Spring Break 06!! 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I lived in GTO about 4 years ago and am looking to get back in touch with my host family, who happens to be Ivan Uribe who owns the Why Not bar. Could you tell him to email me and tell him Licha sends besitos. Email me at Thanks and enjoy. Oh and try to get to Taco El Guerro. Ask around. They are famous and delicious.
    Elisa Shelley Robson

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