Mexico City (El D.F.): Museo Nacional de Antropologia

One of the best museums I have ever visited. 45 pesos ($4.50 US). After my visit I read up on the museum some more and it turns out it is one of the premier anthropolgy museums in the world. The picture doesn’t do this fountain justice. With the sweetly scented breeze, sunshine and light filtering through the top, you have to physically restrain yourself from going to stand under it like a giant personal shower. I’m sure that is why they have guards, to keep people like me in check.

5 thoughts on “Mexico City (El D.F.): Museo Nacional de Antropologia”

  1. Dia – awesome pic? Hows the DF? I’ve always wanted to go but have been chosen other destinations over the DF because of its pollution and crime. Should I reconsider???

  2. sorry, I meant “awesome pic!” – do not let my errant question mark lure you into doubting your photographic abilities

  3. @ Valerie: Thanks chica, you can check out the rest of the set by clicking on that pic.
    @ Momma D: It was totally wild, I just wanted to run under there for a second. there was a cute kid (dressed in superman outfit + tights no less) who tried to make a run for it but mom caught him in time!)
    @matt: I think El D.F. is a must do if you like museums and art. I specifically went to see the Diego Rivera, Fridah Kahlo and Anthro museums. were it not for those I probably would have given it a skirt. not as dirty or crime riddled as i thought it would be. Thanks for salvaging my ego re: the pic!

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