Guanajuato Mexico: I have found my people pt. ii


After writing this post about my excitement at seeing my first (what I thought) African American travelers in Mexico (turned out they are French), I decided it would be fun (for me anyway) to document all the African Americans I meet on the road. I’m totally loving all of the international flavor of the people I’ve met. However, one of my personal hopes for this year off is to inspire more Americans in general to travel and particularly those African Americans and Latino Americans that have the resources. Did you know that barely 20% of Americans have a passport?

Kia with Mikkel and Vincento (on the right). Kia is a Philly kid studying spanish at University of Guanajuato and on the lookout for anyone that can give her a run for her money on the dance floor.

3 thoughts on “Guanajuato Mexico: I have found my people pt. ii”

  1. about the passport thing… so I had to go to DMV (long story) and prove “legal presence” based on the new Homeland Security laws to do this, I had to show a birth certificate or a passport. Now I’m at the DMV in Hampton (mostly black) and the little old (white) lady at the front desk is asking me if I have the proper documents. I said, yeah, I have my passport. She said, ‘Really. Can I see it?’ This lady works at DMV and hadn’t had ANYONE use a passport to prove legal presence… wow. (Also, I think there are more black people in Mexico than in Vermont.)

  2. there may well be more black folks here than in vermont and i´ve only seen three! you´ll double the population the minute you cross the state line. that is crazy about the passport not being that common, crazy but not a surprise.

  3. LOL… Just catching up on some of your past posts and I love the concept… I haven’t seen a single brown person the entire weekend in Marietta, OH. Sniffles… where my ppl at?!?!

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