Pre-Trip Planning: 100..99..98..things left to do


*I luv this pic so much*

The countdown begins. 60 days until we set sail for 100 days around the world with semester at sea. While I’m:

1. applying for travel visas to India, China and Brazil
2. pee-ing in a cup to pass drug and health tests
3. figuring out what nasty diseases i should get innoculations for
4. figuring out what to pack
5. trying not to buy this

…go check out, Sol’s back on the road with amazing photos and video. I’m looking forward to traveling with yall again.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Planning: 100..99..98..things left to do”

  1. I have innoculation issues – I can manage to get the shots themselves but when it comes to getting the “booster” that will preserve me for 10 years or something – I wimp out – then I have to do the whole shots themselves again every time I go overseas – sucks! The only travel suggestion: you can never have too many earplugs.

  2. Dia – Hi Dia, it’s me Karen. I am really enjoying your blog! It seems as though you are on the move! I hope you get the chance to enjoy this holiday season!!
    My two cents: I have the D50 (Nikon) and in my opinion, the latest bells and whistles are not that greater/worth the additional $500+.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. karen, i agree with you 100%. especially since no one is paying me to take pics. i would rather spend that dough on a smaller/lighter laptop than camera. i’ve heard GREAT things about the D50 and there are some great deals.

    Erica: so you’ll be chipping in on that chica? i accept credit!

    Elizabeth: i’m wayyyyyy ahead of you with the earplugs. After being harassed all to hell by birds and wildlife all throughout mexico i won’t leave home without them (or an eye mask!)

  4. Oooh, I love the pre-travel buzz. It brings me almost as high as the trip itself. I’m jealous! And buy the camera (unless it’s a ruse to get Santa to buy it for you)

  5. Funchilde, I’m late to the party but so very into your upcoming trip and the preparations for it. I have a friend who teaches for Semester at Sea and last I heard, from far-off lands I could only vaguely imagine her in, she was having a tremendous time.

    You don’t need any book recommendations right now, I know this, but maybe, maybe “Eat, Pray, Love” if you haven’t read it–it’s not perfect but the pack-it-in and go anticipation is indeed there.

    Bon voyage, and (secretly) wahoo-wa. And I don’t use that phrase lightly, or ever, so keep it in the lockbox.


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