Endings, Beginnings, Starts & Finishes, pt. i


Okay, the last version of this entry was throwing off my layout.
Kudos and “Well Done!” to Karen (www.chookooloonks.com) and Megan (www.meganlyles.com). Two of the blogs that have added sunshine to my 2006. I am sad to see their blogs retire, but I know they are both working on other projects, so we’ll not be long without their talents. Karen’s photoblog is still as brilliant as ever, and Megan is doing a reading in NY, Jan 7, 2007. Check out their archives, you will wish you’d found them sooner.

I enjoyed the comments on the previous posting so I dragged them forward into one comment for this post.

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  1. ***Comments from Previous Post:
    2006-12-24 @ 2:12:35 pm [ Edit – Delete – Unapprove ]
    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Holidays! You’re doing Semester at Sea?! Fun! And I see that you read Solbeam…jeez, I haven’t been by her blog in ages…thanks for the reminder. You do know that Chookooloonks is still doing her photography blog, right? I wish I’d found Karen’s blog when I was blogging from the Caribbean…’cause lordy, it felt isolating then. Now there’s all kinds of bloggers in the Caribbean basin…but when I started blogging 3+ years ago, I’d Google and Google and hardly find any. We’re off to S.F. for an overnight stay and a big ol’ dose of gospel (the GOOD kind). I’ll be back…

    2006-12-26 @ 2:12:37 am [ Edit – Delete – Unapprove ]
    Dia, I think you fulfill for me some of what they did for you. So I’m not as heartbroken as I could be. Unless you’re about to stop blogging, in which case I am SO NOT OKAY WITH THAT.

    I only briefly listened to/spoke with Karen at BlogHer and I still get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it. She is so kind and smart and articulate and with it and together and just amazing.

    2006-12-27 @ 4:12:14 pm [ Edit – Delete – Unapprove ]
    Thanks! I’ve been maxin’ n’ relaxin’ and tomorrow I’m back out on the road! During my brief R&R I did check out Megan Lyles and wow! I’m sad I didn’t know earlier. Good, good stuff!

  2. Hey Dia! Thanks for the shout-out… I sat down and read eight months of chookooloonks in one chunk – great stuff… and she is much less long-winded than some bloggers out there, ha ha… looking forward to finishing it. And when is Semester at Sea starting??

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