Feliz Navidad:Happy Holly Daze/Holy Days


First, I hope you all have had festive, merry, restful and wonderful holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you did just that…celebrate. To the friends and family I haven’t been able to catch up with over the break….please know that I lurve you like play cousins. (Momma D, S, S, S & S, and B, I mean yall).

Second, I got my first ever meme tag. I’m supposed to divulge 6 (sicks) weird things about myself so that you can glean further insight as to my person and personality and have further reason to judge me without giving me a chance.

Oooh, But first:

I have been in my pajamas for 4 straight days, playing War of the Monsters on PS2 with my nephew. In between: Grad School applications, work, naps, work, calculating days until I hit the road, work. I’m stressed as Hell right now, but happy to be with my family. It is the first year in a loooong time that I’ve been here to celebrate all 7 days of Kwanzaa (or as I like to call it: Fun with Candles and Swahili!).

Speaking of my nephew, he’s 9 going on 50. He wears, get this…a plaid robe, old man slippers, glasses, and uses the phrase “oh but on the contrary”…and I caught him watching Judge Matthis on Friday! I will not be surprised when he walks around the corner with a pipe one day. Really, I won’t.

6 Weird Things:

1. I performed in a rap group for a talent show my freshman year of college. Yes, I know how that sounds, but it was hellla fun.

2. I really, really enjoy washing dishes. It relaxes me and I can zone out and think while doing it. I’ll generally eschew using a dishwasher and do them by hand. I also like to cook, which makes me a great catch for some deserving lovehound out there. BUT, I can’t stand to dry or empty the diswasher.

3. My favoritest snack in all the world is microwave popcorn and diet Pepsi. Yum!

4. I have known since I was about 10 years old that I didn’t actually want to HAVE kids.

5. About once a month I pull a work related all-nighter because it is quiet and I can get a lot done. This freaks people out then they get used to it.

6. I am allergic to raw apples. I think its the pesticides, but my throat gets white spots and itches like hell. Cooked apples…apple sauce, apple strudel, etc…bring it on.

And I do in fact like bacon more than you think! See you in the 007.

*pic courtesy of elemanotees.com

Countdown to Semester at Sea: 29 days

9 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad:Happy Holly Daze/Holy Days”

  1. Your nephew sounds hilarious! And after reading your 6 “sicks”, I am convinced that we really do have a lot in common. But, I already knew that 😉

  2. Happy Happy New Year! My lil brother is next to me in te same flannel pants and nasty t-shirt he’s been wearing for a week now… playing Trauma Center on the Wii… good stuff. defintely the best part about being a full time student – ridiculously long breaks.

    …and i do that all-nighter thing too, ‘cept i won’t START workking until 1 am, then i go til dawn. good stuff yo.

  3. happy new years – odd that wearing PJ’s for four days straight DIDN’t get on the list. I think if I was a coworker, I would be wierded out too (“I can never outperform her, she stays ALL NIGHT LONG!”). Well, I think the thing about dishes would make you the perfect housemate, partner, travel companion – whichever as most people I know will trade almost any task for getting out of doing the dishes (in our house we do them…once we run out of paper plates and chopsticks).

  4. I’m the same way about ironing as you are with washing the dishes. I like to imagine the pressing of all the life’s wrinkles out and the feeling of resolving problems through the hot flat metal on cloth. Please whatever you do – don’t ask me to fold the clothes. Ugh.



  5. Syd: My nephew and your nephew would be a hilarious odd couple I think!
    Scout: I’m working on that, but it was a GROUP effort so I’m going to need you to join in in the making of said video..you know.. hysterical/historical for authenticity.
    Lauren: Lboogie! I miss you! I hope your lil bro’s 1st semester went well. Holla!
    Elizabeth: Yes, I DOMINATE at work. I am “SHE WHO WILL NOT BE OUTWORKED”
    Adrienne: ooh, I like to iron too in principle, but now I don’t wear anything that actually requires me to iron it 🙁 but 🙂

  6. Still waiting for that “catch-up” meeting. I pulled two days in my robe and gown – even turned down a dinner invitation out to just stay home and read, sleep and watch t.v.
    Some of your six revelations were news to me…, but some of them I already knew.
    Glad you had good holiday and I hope the best for you during the new year.
    Let’s do dinner sometime before the Semester at Sea. – Call me.

    Momma D.

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