Poetic: Tastee Freez in Snow Storm

I drove out of New Hampshire like a bat out of hell escaping the snow. For the first 45 minutes I thought I might have to turn back and delay my departure. I hit more snow in Connecticut, then high winds in New York, but the sun started to shine. I shed layers as I got further south. Wander Woman (my new new to me car) shed the layers of ice and snow, and I even rolled down the windows without complaint at the 47 tolls and to check out the Basketball Hall of Fame.

I hit Virginia with a smile on my face. Then I ran into a blinding snow on Rte 29 and my smile faded as the sound of metal on metal trumped my new favorite CD. Guardrail 1, Funchilde 0.

All is well, the packing continues.

T-minus: 5 days and counting to Semester at Sea.

3 thoughts on “Poetic: Tastee Freez in Snow Storm”

  1. thanks marilyn. no worries, i was going like 7 mph. the cd is fantastic, i’m highly partial to violin jazz and this adds hip hop without the words! great chill out cd.

  2. Yeah bummer about the guard rail but at least you have something to count down to (that isn’t like an operation or litigation or something bad like that). I am not a fan of snow, which it looks will arrive sometime tomorrow night.

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