Pre-Trip Planning: Murphy’s Law


Shizzle. I have stuff spread all over the FIB-C (Funchilde Int’l Base Camp) aka my parent’s living room. For somebody who doesn’t have a home, I sure do have a lot of stuff!

I just found out that one of the windows in the dupe (rental property) will cost $285 to replace. one.damn.window.

The dishwasher in Unit A decided to give up the ghost, another $400 after delivery, haul off and install. I should probably just replace the dishwasher in Unit B since that one will likely follow sometime soon.

Now I’m really glad I didn’t buy that D80 and the 55-200mm lens.

My credit card company wants me to call BACK on the day I leave to CONFIRM that I’ll be using my card internationally…uhm, that’s why I’m calling you NOW, take some notes, put it in my file. I’m an international woman of mystery, I have no time for these trivial matters (yeah right, i’ll be calling them Monday to double check).

T-minus: 5 days and counting. Can anyone come over and help me pack?

9 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Planning: Murphy’s Law”

  1. dear dia,
    did you leave me an email meant for someone else? i am asking because you left your number.

    am i “grazie”?


    get at me,

  2. I’ll help you pack. Just come get me. I tried to call you but no answer, in case I don’t hear from you before you travel safe journies and best wishes!

  3. My former employer on St. Thomas, who travels frequently, would invariably have his credit card frozen in the middle of a trip. Given all of the (invasive) technology at their disposal, how can credit card companies not recognize or track patterns in their users’ spending? It boggles the mind…and nearly drove him INSANE. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to you. As for the ‘for somebody who doesn’t have a home, I sure have a lot of stuff’ bit… I felt that way when we packed up to leave the tropics. We didn’t even own furniture! But we had sure acquired a lot of CRAP. 🙂

  4. Good call making sure the credit card co. doesn’t freeze you out. Travel, like home ownership, can definitely take a lot of coin. As you’re packing, just remember my favorite travel tip: take half the clothes you think you’ll need, and twice the dinero. God’s traveling mercies to you, Wander Woman (you couldn’t have picked a better car name…works as your nickname, too.) We’re excited for our collective adventure to begin!

  5. if you really need help packing, i gotta drive though hampton to get to suffolk.i’d love to catch you before you go! i’m really sitting in class entertaining myself while this professor belittles all the accontants in the room… comedy. i’ll holla when i finish up. t-minus 10 minutes.

  6. Hey Dia,
    Safe Travel to you. I am still in Dallas, heading for San Antonio tonight. I will back on Va soil next week. Your trip sounds exciting, what an adventure!! You got books, equipment, the credit card…..what more do you need ? Oh maybe a cabin mate? smile. I look forward to reading about your journey.

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