Port Everglades, Fl: Ships Ahoy!


Ho.Lee.Crap. I am tired. I made it to the ship with minutes to spare only to find that we weren’t going to sail until tomorrow. My first view of the MV explorer took my breath away, my chest got tight with joy and fear. She’s huge (24,000 Tons), she’s beautiful (just completed in 2002) and she’s fast (top speed 32 knots). I could barely get all of her in the picture I tried to take from the security gate.

I can’t believe I’m going to live out of 4 bags for almost four months (click on pic to see packing list). I’m amazed at how well I packed when you consider that 1/8 of this stuff is books. I checked in and my bags were delivered to my cabin. Not having cruised before I had no idea what to expect. Though I’m one of the executive team (there are 6 of us) on this voyage, I had prepared myself for an inside, deck 2 cabin, behind the engine and the anchor, with no porthole, no light and industrial paint. Fortunately, my cabin is amorgeous (amazing + gorgeous). I’m deck 5 starboard with a view of the ocean and the lifeboats (and believe me, I’m okay with that!).

My bathroom, my desk (and again after I unpacked), my tv,(what’s in that glass?) and my beds before I asked my cabin steward to put them together (the reflective tape on the life vests is what you see glowing). As luxurious as all of this sounds, I have to earn my keep…I’m headed to an 8:00pm executive team meeting. I can’t wait to figure out what I’ve gotten myself into and learn my way around this beast.

5 thoughts on “Port Everglades, Fl: Ships Ahoy!”

  1. nice digs yo.

    i would the urge to do 2 things:

    1. run to the bow of the ship, climp up the rail, and yell like leo in titanic.
    2. stand near the big steering wheel and recite ‘O Capitain, My Captain.’ (is there a big steering wheel?)

  2. Momma D: Sorry, I had them all on private mode, you should see them now.

    LBoogie: uhm….I’m going to leave both of those for you to take care of. No “big steering wheel” that I’ve seen as of yet, but I’ll keep my eye open. I only want to do the titanic scene with archbishop tutu!

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