Port Everglades, Fl: Cutting the Bow Lines

port everglades sunset, originally uploaded by funchilde.

Sunset view of the Port Everglades Marine Terminal off the aft (back) pool deck. We cut the bow lines at 8pm, heading to Nassau Bahamas! The weather was warm but breezy, there was a lot of activity leading up to drawing the anchor and shoving off and then…there wasn’t. The rocking of the ship is making me catatonic in these meetings, no sea sickness to report.

3 thoughts on “Port Everglades, Fl: Cutting the Bow Lines”

  1. Dear Dia,

    We wanted to be the first to post a comment for this picture. We have touched base. Yesterday morning was 5 deg. Looks warm where you are. Josh is dating, but no one else knows. What fun is that. He is censoring this as I write. We certainly miss you, and you are the only one from your cooking class not taking Larriott Wine Tasting begining this Saturday. We have twenty in the class. Larry is taking careful measures to make sure that no one overindulges during class, but with that many thirsty tasters, who knows what will happen…it won’t be the same without you. Hope your time at sea is relaxing and your excusions to shore are exciting. We’ll be checking in with your blog again soon!

    Best, Josh and Larry

  2. Congratulations D. You are one of the most amazing women I know, and this experience couldn’t have happened to better person.

    Now on to the hateful part, its about 2 degrees where I am, and with wind chill it feels like negative ridiculous. I’m sooooooo jealous of you. Not only are you the favorite aunt, but you get to go on a fabulous jaunt while I am shackled to a desk in middle America.

    Go enjoy your time with the chil’rens and have big, broad experiences, as you always do.

    Love Ya

  3. Larry & Josh: I miss you guys, what temptors you are–Wine Class? You did that on purpose-scheduling that while I’m away-sneaky. That said, I hope you all have a phenomenal time and toast one to a safe journey for me. Josh I hope we get to hit some golf balls this summer, how are the mcat/med school apps going?

    Shida: uhm, let’s see, You’re the aunt with the top 5 law degree, zillion dollar job and you’re going thru the guys like i go through a pack of orbit gum….i call a draw chica! I miss you too and hope to see you this summer. mad love. dia

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