Nassau, Bahamas: Stunning on So Many Levels

Okay yall, I have some confessions to make. Well, I won’t make ALL of them here because the list of people who have access to this continues to grow and include ever scarier prospects like clients, staff of clients, new crushes, etc.

We made our way slowly from Florida down to the Bahamas sailing mostly under cover of night. The ship continued to rock in a gentle way that now permeates my whole reality. Whenever I lay down, I feel the motion, even when we aren’t moving…groovy.

I literally could not sleep through our approach into Nassau. I jumped up, brushed my 32, and grabbed my Nikon D50 and headed for the 7th deck. The sunrise was stunning. Watching the smaller boats whose sailors still slumbered under a full rainbow in the quiet, warm, breeze was the best way I’ve woken up in…months? years?

The ship in the picture is not ours, this is the ship we docked next to on our approach into Nassau, our ship, the MV Explorer, is about 3/4 the size of the one you see here. These ships are out of control huge. We saw one that had an outdoor track on top and another that had a fake rock climbing wall! Here’s a shot at the warm caribbean blue water that I spied off the deck before we got into harbor. Here’s another look in the shallower water near the pier. Yes, even the water is stunning. And our pilot boat, these are the guys that work for Nassau Port Authority who come out to the cruise ships, climb aboard and THEY actually steer the ship in, not the vessel captain. We backed in even, which is fun becuase its neat to watch the ship’s wake when we make a U turn in waters so blue.

Confession #1: The weather is stunning. At last I have escaped the chilled to the bone blues of the east coast. Even Florida was chilly!

I’m settling in nicely. I love my cabin, love my office, love the deck 6 outside bar (its even prettier at night) and I REALLY love the faculty/staff lounge liquor selection. And I will not be going anywhere near this thing once the students get on board. I think we actually have one of the best teams I have ever worked with too. Unfortunately we don’t have much time left together during training. We pick up the young’uns here in Nassau. I’m REALLY going to need that duty free liquor.

Confession #2: I caved and bought a Nikon 70-300mm lense. While nowhere near the $700 of the lens I was looking at when I bought my new D50, she is AWESOME. I was really puketastic about this expense but after I saw the results I knew I had made the right choice. My trusty Coolpix S6 is still my first love and go-to gal. She just tucks so nicely into my cargo capris.

Confession#3: I wear cargo capris.

5 thoughts on “Nassau, Bahamas: Stunning on So Many Levels”

  1. Well okay.. Cargo capris rock and so does the sound of this trip thus far! I know what you mean about the lens for your camera. I have had my Rebel for almost 2 years now and I’m still too tight-fisted to get some more gnarly lenses… I might have to break soon!!!!

    Please have some conch salad for me… It is so delicious down in the Bahamas.

    Keep on having a blast!


  2. So, I have a confession to make, too: I really want a pair of camo capri pants (possibly cargo). Let me know if you spot a pair on your travels.

    Now that the kids are on board, the adventure REALLY begins!! Enjoy it all, my friend.

    (PS: we got shellacked by VT yesterday. Our few days atop the ACC were just that…few!)

  3. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM tomorrow isn’t promised to you; so grab the gusto when you can or have the desire and can afford to make yourself “HAPPY!” Simple pleasure are the best!

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