Metaphors, Similes, Analogies & Comparisons


Photo: Somewhere In the Indian Ocean. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life, we had 3 nights in a row like this and Venus (the planet, not the tennis player) was very bright in the sky. The weather was warm and breezy…perfect.

Life As A House

Upon returning to the US 6 weeks ago, I attended my brother’s wedding reception then promptly slept for two weeks. I ate as many vegetables as possible and declined to turn my cell phone on. Since then I’ve slowly climbed out of my shell, and looked around only to delight in the fact that it is summer. And still early summer at that. Cookouts have been had, toes have been dipped, 18 holes of golf here and there, 9 holes there, tennis and hiking (okay, ONE hike).

I also really, really needed a break from everything. I am not good a slowing down, and when I do I usually stop altogether and I had to really allow myself to just sit for a good while and regroup. I have been going full out since last September, and though everything I’m doing seems (and generally is) fun, rewarding and productive, it is also exhausting sustaining that pace. So I’ve also spent a fair bit of time reading: Backpack, Woman: An Intimate Geography, Chocolate, Eleven Minutes, Fever Pitch, The Curios Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and so on. I love when I get on reading kicks, one of my favorite ways to fall asleep. I’ve also put in a fair bit of movie viewing time since so much came out while we were gone, films: Blood Diamond, The Departed, Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer, Failure to Launch, etc.

In between that I’m trying to fix up one of the rentals that was just vacated and it struck me how similar the process of fixing up a house and tending to your life can be. I had to do an assessment, figure out what the priorities were, purchase the materials and get to work, slowly but surely, realizing it won’t all get done in a day. And so it is with me. I’m working on my physical health in much the same manner. Going to the gym, eating niblets of things that grow from the earth, avoiding things that end in -ookies, -ake, and -ied. I’ve lost a whopping 4lbs in 4 weeks, I’m convinced its my MIND. My summer goals are:

Workout: Health = #1 Priority

Work: Have Fun Everyday while delivering GREAT service

Learn to Juggle: I’m t-h-i-s close…

Buy a motorcycle. I got my license last summer, and again this depends on how long I’ll be in the USA.

Travel Plans: Depending on how one of the proposals I have in turns out, I may be in the country for a while. If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably head back to Latin America in October. If it does, it would be totally fun to work with this group for a stretch, then I’ll probably head to Latin America then Thailand in late Spring 2008. God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, as we say in the south.

Working 9 to 5

Well, not really, but I’m LOVING it. small and medium clients are rolling, proposals out to two others, and some possible international opportunities on the table. I keep thinking..”oh, after I do X I’ll settle down and get a real job…” but I have realized a) I HAVE a real job, and I love it and b) I don’t have to settle down if I don’t want to. Indeed my worst fear is that I’ll fall madly in love and desire to abandon my vagabond ways. I’ll be out in California for most of July. Part work, Part Play. I’m hoping for some quality time with my colleagues, some Napa Valley nectar, some exercise and to hang out with some Semester @ Sea folks. I’ve already hit DC, New York, Chicago and Indiannapolis since I’ve been back (for work), so I guess I’m back in the saddle.

Friday Night Lights

I learned a couple of years ago that I don’t do Friday night dates well, especially first dates or “big” dates. I mean if you have a good friday that means you’ve hit the gym, gone to work, run errands (dry cleaner’s, liquor store-what?), maybe pampered yourself a bit (mani/pedi?) and then to go on a date at 7 or 8 pm? Not me, I am too used to being in the bed by 10:30pm. By the time you add up dinner and a movie its damn near midnight! And goodness forbid if there’s some potential for hanky panky…I’m TIRED. No wonder I’m single, call me on Saturday.

I also had a Friday night recently where I dropped in on not one, not two, but THREE different events, and they couldn’t have been more different. A neighborhood block party, a margarita dinner and a bachelorette party with a Pole Dancing instructor. Yeah, you read that right. I thought it was cute but being more of a “beer and darts” kind of girl, I watched for a little while then escaped to return to the block party. whew. that was close.

Like Water for Chocolate

One of the things I missed about life on a ship is access to a kitchen. Since I’ve been back I’ve been on a culinary run. My family loves my Rasta Pasta and I’ve even got them digging whole wheat pasta! My nephew and I have been living it up and have added a Monkey Cake (complete w/ a banana) and homemade donuts for Father’s Day to his growing list of culinary masterpieces. My favorites so far have been the fish tacos and the lamb gyros, both of which were new attempts for me.

My Mom made a Crab Crusted Steak one night, and my dad pulled all the stops out on a Crab Boil so, the fact that I’ve lost 4lbs is starting to sound like a pretty amazing feat no?

Tell me how you are doing and what your summer goals are in the comments or leave a link to your blog. Cause I’m nosey like that.

10 thoughts on “Metaphors, Similes, Analogies & Comparisons”

  1. You know what’s going on with me already. What I’d like to know is, where are the recipes for the fab dishes????

  2. One of the things I liked about living on a ship was people feeding me all the time! Although I guess that would have gotten old.

  3. Hey there – I’m missing you lately – I’m afraid I’m eating too many things that end in -ookie and -ce -ream and -rench -ries too,and drinking too many things that end in -eer and -um and -hisky!! I’m STILL planning on the 1/2 marathon, but I’m having a wake up call that its time to get serious. The get healthy banner is flying around my head and I think I’m finally seeing it.

    We’re doing a lot of running around this summer, but going to get a quiet week in Nags Head and a fun parents only trip to Wilmington, NC.

    We miss you and are glad to hear your transition home is going well, I like that you have gained so much from your trip and are carrying it with you.

    I love you!

  4. Blindian: They are all in my head! Maybe I’ll publish them here. I know Rasta Pasta I’ve blogged before. Hopefully I’ll see you soon and get to treat you to my masterpiece(s)!

    Srah: I does get old. FAST. Not that the food is bad, it just all starts to taste the same. But it made getting to the ports even more fun because we were far more willing to try new things after the limited selection on board.

    BA: I can’t wait to catch up, miss you to pieces too. Summer plans sound fun and didn’t you say “even if we have to walk it…” which is what I’m planning anyway, so don’t stress!

  5. Yea…I hit the jackpot. I didn’t think you would have a new post for me to read. You still sound awfully busy to me, but mostly you are doing things that you like to do. You prompted Steve J. to take motorcycle riding lessons, he wants a bike now too. Good luck with the travel plans. I hope your wishes all come true. My Friday nite dates are “Walmart” if I am motivated. Outback is still waiting for us.

  6. DIA. Enjoy life- we must make that hang-out date- you know, the one we were supposed to make on the ship.


    My summer goal: to work for something greater than myself

  7. After the previous post, it feels kind of wrong to say it, but I will.

    My summer goal is to find someone to work FOR me so I don’t have to do all the work myself.

    (I’ve had 2 people quit in the last 3 weeks — that’s right, about 40% of our staff. If you know any Cville folks who can sell — or, heck, breathe — , please send them my way. I need h-e-l-l-p!)

    We’re still shooting for mid-Sept at Machu Picchu. I’m hoping to have some details soon. Enjoy Napa!

  8. My Summer plans are centered around the kids. Taking them to the beach, to the release of the Harry Potter book, to the pool, the local museums, and whatever else comes up. Mostly, it’s a slow summer.

  9. My summer goal was to get away this July (I’m off this month)…and this year we did. Took a 9-day road trip through the desert. Just what we needed. J played golf…I lounged.

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