California Love: The Napa Rappa’


Nappa: Kim & Dia w/ Allan @ Peju, originally uploaded by funchilde.

Looooong weekend of work, but it was fun as always. I lurve my colleagues and our clients. Jet lagged as all get out flying from Norfolk to San Francisco between 6 kids. Yeah, 6. But they were all sweet. Berkeley was cool in terms of the weather, swinging 15 degrees or more in a matter of hours. So we fled. Napa Valley is all it has been hyped up to be. If you get a chance visit Peju Provence and experience the “Napa Rappa'” for yourself. I’m on to L.A., anything I should see/do while I’m there (in between the insane amount of work I have to do)? Holla at me in the comments!

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  1. Hola! I got your phone message – things have been crazy, but we are all fine. Have a blast in LA – I agree with the Napa sentiments – we love it there. Tim wants to live in San Francisco he liked it so much! I have a slight problem with the earthquakes……I’ll take a good ole hurricane any day. I’m headed down to my sister’s for a week and then to the Outer Banks. We are home all of August,maybe we can cross paths then. I love you!!

  2. Hey there!

    Glad to see you again and you made it back from your travels safely. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do on your blog… thanks for keeping up with mine! I certainly want to work some cooking classes into my next trip.

    Settling back down is hard, that’s great that you can keep traveling around the U.S. though!

    – chris

  3. Bah! I forgot I was also going to say – I just spent yesterday wine tasting in Sonoma! I’ve haven’t done it in a few years. send me a note anytime you are going tasting i’m always up for it!


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