Napa to L.A.: Bloggers Meet Up

Dia & Adrienne Bloggers Meet up, originally uploaded by funchilde.

Lala land is certainly interesting. I think people here take themselves a bit too seriously, but they are all about individual style which I like. Anything goes. And I mean anything.

I have enjoyed hanging out w/ Stella at her fabulous place in Studio City. I can now say I have a friend “in entertainment.” I know she will take Hollywood by storm. It was hard packing her up on the east coast a few weeks ago for the move out here, but she so obviously belongs here that my joy at her good fortune eclipses all that.

I must confess that I have been working hard (really!) and relaxing hard too. Stella’s corporate pad boasts a pool and hot tub in the courtyard which are great “carrots” for getting some work done. Stella is settling in nicely and has indulged me by vacating her kitchen so that I can cook to my heart’s content. She hasn’t even been in the kitchen since I got here so I’m pretty sure I’ll be welcomed back.

I also finally crossed paths with a blogosphere friend and colleague! Adrienne who also blogs for Gadling and her own personal site, is just as charming, charismatic and down to earth in person as she is in cyberspace. A talented writer and journalist indded. We met up for some sushi and drinks and talked late into the evening about all things travel.

I’m off to Santa Barbara/Ventura for a few days. Let me know if there’s anything I should see/do. This is definitely one of the best summers ever. I hope yours is too!

7 thoughts on “Napa to L.A.: Bloggers Meet Up”

  1. Hey! That’s me up there!!! 🙂 It was great to finally meet and we must, must, must….um, MUST plan the big over land excursion. I promise we won’t have to share a room like my current situation…HA! Then they’ll really think we’ve lost it. Yup!


    P.S. I wish we could have gotten something a little more exciting in the background to capture some that LA flava you touched on. Like the famous CHANCE and other LA delights having sushi that night.

  2. Hey, I’m in L.A.! But I’m trying really, really hard not to be all jealous and ugly that you didn’t stay with me… Glad you had an “interesting” time in our little corner of the world, Easterner.

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