Green (but not with Envy)


I am in lurve with my motorcycle. The one pictured here is my dream bike. The Triumph Bonneville T100, so if anyone is feeling particularly generous….

I got a ticket within 48 hours of owning the thing, but it is sooooo worth it. My permanent tags came in the mail and now I’m a legit, registered bad @ss!

Reasons why I love my motorcycle:

1. It’s HOT, I love the look on people’s faces when they realize I’m female! It’s always this surprise/awe/”that’s cool” look.

2. It’s much better for the environment. I’ve filled the tank up twice and spent a total of $7 on gas in the last two weeks.

3. No jockeying for parking at the college. Motorcycle parking is FREE!! And I can park it right on the bike rack path. I have walked or rode my bike to work the two weeks I’ve been here. I have driven my car maybe 5 times.

4. It pushes me to push my limits. I’m not an adrenaline junkie by any means, and zooming around gets my blood pumping and satisfies my “adventure” jones.

5. It requires me to pay attention in a way I don’t when driving. You have to be seriously defensive-driving oriented on a motorcycle. I’m hyper aware and the biggest risk I take is riding in shorts.

6. Other Riders. I love the motorcycle community. As I stated before, its like an underground club you become a part of and I love talking bikes with random people. There’s a professor at the college that has the EXACT same bike that I do, but his is a 1981 (mine is a 1980–and in MUCH better shape I might add). And we park 5 feet from each other every day. Several of the guys I work with have bikes and at least once a week we get into bike oriented conversations. These are people who on the surface I would probably have little in common with. But I enjoy their company and zeal for the sport/hobby.

7. Did I mention it’s just HOT? If I had a nickel for everyone who asked for a ride on my bike I could afford that T100.

4 thoughts on “Green (but not with Envy)”

  1. Practice driving, so that I can ride around the neighborhood with you in Hampton (won’t that be a sight).
    Glad you are enjoying your life in NH.

  2. Ms. D: That WOULD be a sight. Mainly b/c we’d be wobbling all down the street with my newbie skills. The thought of riding someone else frankly scares the beejeebus out of me. I am fine taking responsibility for my own skin and bones, but yours are too precious for my erratic driving!

    E: ditto above. plus M would probably fly over here and kill me if anything happened to you. So…you gotta finish up and get your license so we can ride our hot rods together.

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